Last update October 2016 (D&ED Reunion Lunch update only. There will be several such updates during October).

Information Exchange page (see menu) updated on 13th Oct 2016.


I have added a new page to provide notification of deaths. See menu.


This article about Deferred Facilities might be of interest.


In April 2016 (see menu) I added the first part of a document describing the Marconi-EMI TV System. At the time I was only aware of one surviving copy, but I have now been made aware of five which are presently being looked after by:-

1) Me (rescued from BBC Transmission Headquarters in Warwick, when it closed down).

2) Nick Cutmore (rescued from Wrotham transmitting station by Peter Sparks and sent to Nick via me).

3) Richard Prytaherch (rescued from Alexandra Palace by his father).

4) Phil Marrison (rescued from Sutton Coldfield).

5) John Sykes (rescued from Kingswood Warren)

The Science Museum in London probably also has a copy.

When the entire document has been scanned, I will make it available on this web site. Hopefully this will be done by the end of 2016. Discussions will then take place to ensure that the physical copies continue to be cared for. Any advice on this matter would be welcome.


Most of the old documents added so far in 2016 were scanned by Nick Cutmore. His help is greatly appreciated!

Martin Ellen