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I am very keen to ensure that any notification on this web site would meet the wishes of the deceased's family, but it is not always possible or appropriate for me to contact them.  On the other hand I am aware that many ex-colleagues would like to know of the news.  So, the policy of this web site is to list the name of the deceased below and, if appropriate, provide further information.  Due to the sensitivity of this issue, please let me know if any changes are required.

The date of death is approximate in some cases. The most recent is listed first.  Each date is followed by the name of the deceased and relevant information. Links lead to more information in some cases.

Date of death (Approx)

Name and relevant information (Links lead to more information)

23 November 2021 Tony Larkham was a former BBC Technical Trainee, BBC Transmitter Engineer and BBC Engineering Lecturer from 1973 through to 2000.

Most Transmitter Engineers who passed through the BBC Engineering Training Centre at Wood Norton in the seventies, eighties and nineties will remember him very fondly. Tony’s impact on transmitter training and their early careers will be major. Tony was an expert in his field, and with his infectious enthusiasm he was always keen for that knowledge to be passed on. Tony drove and undertook many projects that improved the practical side of the training.

Funeral will be held in Evesham on 21st December.  Please click here to email for further details.

20 November 2021 Peter Arnold was a Senior Maintenance Engineer at Daventry and he was known for being very relaxed and unflappable.  He was certainly able to work under pressure and he had a paternal approach to his staff on shift.


20 November 2021 Derek Ward was the Chargehand Rigger for many years at Woofferton and then was promoted to Antenna Maintenance Supervisor after WOF took on the domestic services as well as the HF in 1985. The riggers revered him and he earned total respect from all the staff on site.

The funeral will be in Herefordshire on Tuesday 14th December. Please click here to email for further details.

October 2021 David Sandbrook was General Manager Transmission on his retirement in 1993, following a long career in Transmitter Department/BBC Transmission.  He was a larger-than-life and forceful character who achieved a great deal in developing the organisation.  He had respect and friendship from the people he worked with and provided leadership to hundreds of staff.  Click on the picture to see a video that was presented to David at his retirement party.
August 2021 Tim Shelton was Head of Baseband Systems Section in Research Department on his retirement in 1990.  Prior to that he was Head of Studio Group in Designs Department, where he worked for most of his career.  He was a key member of the team that developed Colour Separation Overlay and he served a President of the Audio Engineering Society.
If you wish contact his family please click here and send an email, which I will forward.

Tim belonged to several music groups and they held an "Evening of Words and Music" to celebrate his life. 

June 2021 Peter Rainger was Deputy Director of Engineering from c1979 until his retirement in 1984.
He was a member of Designs Department in 1950, as shown in this picture, then became HDD in 1969, Head of Research Department in 1971 and Assistant Director of Engineering in 1977.  Further information is on the front page of Eng Inf No.16, Spring 1984 (although there is a slight discrepancy regarding his date of joining, compared with the 1950 picture above). He also appears in Eng Inf No. 15, Winter 1983.
June 2021 Alec Cruickshank was the Senior Transmitter Manager at Rampisham and he previously held posts at Skelton, Burghead, Folkstone, Ascension, Tebrau, Daventry and Caribbean Relay Station.  Since 1984, as deputy to Transmission Area Manager he was actively involved in the reorganisation and integration of Transmitter Group.
3 April 2021 Ron Spencer was an engineer in Designs Department/D&ED who worked on VT and audio editing systems, as well as other projects such as Ceefax subtitling and Cinetrace. He was one of D&ED’s great characters, with a wealth of entertaining stories.
February 2021 George Mackenzie was a Chief Engineer.  He was very approachable and always ready to give his time.  His obituary appeared in the April 2021 edition of Prospero (the newspaper for retired BBC Pension Scheme members) and it is reproduced here.
1 February 2021

Glyn Jones was an STE at Woofferton.  More information here.

24 January 2021

Gerry Griffiths was the Antenna STE at Woofferton at the end of his career and a Shift Engineer for much of it.
Jeff Cant writes: We must salute him as one of the original WOF men. He joined the BBC in September 1943 and was on the Woofferton staff photograph in August 1944. He later went for training at the BBC School at Maida Vale Studios in London. He remembered seeing the Glenn Miller Orchestra performing there and being close to an incoming V2 rocket in the autumn of 1944.

28 December 2020

Phil Dickenson was an Engineer at Woofferton HF transmitting station and before that at Skelton.

24 December 2020

Peter Mensforth, Head of Sites and Premises. Peter previously held several posts at transmitting stations such as Wenvoe.  He was a much liked and respected senior member of BBC Transmission.

16 December 2020

Alberto Jara was a 'larger than life' engineer and manager in BBC Transmission who contributed greatly to the development of new commercial business.

19 April 2020

Roy (Nobby) Clark was an engineer at Daventry transmitting station.

19 February 2020 Mike Rushmere was an engineer in Communications Department.
January 2020

Geoffrey Parr worked at several HF transmitting stations including Ascension, Cyprus and Rampisham. Please see more details here.

January 2020

Chris Cadzow started his BBC career in about 1962 as a technician in the Studio Apparatus Section of Designs Department, working on the development of encoding systems for colour television. He eventually moved on to SCPD, and then in the late 1970’s left the BBC and set up Avitel Electronics.

10 January 2020

Hugh Lemmon was not employed by the BBC, but he worked closely with a number of staff in BBC Transmission and World Service.  He was with the Foreign & Comonweath Office/Diplomatic Wireless Service and latterly was the liaison link with the BBC, being based at Whitehall. Hugh was therefore well-known to BBC engineering staff who had been to Orfordness, Cyprus and Masirah as well as those at Warwick and Bush House.  His funeral will take place on Friday 7th February near Northampton.  Please click here to email for further details.

November 2019

Jim Fraser, lecturer at Woodnorton.

17 October 2019

Reg Gay will be fondly remembered by many BBC staff involved with HF transmitters as he worked at Ascension, Skelton, Woofferton, Masirah and Daventry.  There is a picture of Reg on page 40 of Jeff Cant's "50 Years of BBC Woofferton".

6 October 2019

Al Ingle was a rigger at Woofferton during the 1960s and later on Ascension Island.  He then became a Clerk of Works.

6 September 2019

Dave Dimambro of BBC Transmission at Warwick.  He was a major contributor to a range of high profile engineering activities and was renowned for his enthusiasm as well as his achievements.

5 August 2019

Tony Smith of BBC Transmission at Warwick and initially Brookmans Park. He was primarily involved in coordinating rigging activities.

Tony made several contributions to BBCeng, including reminiscences listed on this page and some colourful tales which he wrote under the pseudonym Tarquin.

30 March 2019

Tony McLaren Designs Department.

6 March 2019

Les Fury joined the BBC after National Service as Assistant Electrician in March 1949, then became a member of the hard working team in the workshop as Electrician/Fitter. Les retired in November 1987 and Jeff Cant says he was honoured to write his retirement notice from the BBC. Les died at the age of 90. His family and friends were around him at the Four Rivers Nursing Home in Ludlow.  The funeral will be on Wednesday 27th March in Shrewsbury - click here to request details.

5 March 2019

Tom Smart joined the BBC in 1944 before service in the RAF then worked at Skelton and in P&ID, the FERS in Tebrau and later served as an SME at Woofferton. His last shift was on 8th December 1984.  He had been in a nursing home at All Stretton since before Christmas.  The funeral will be on Friday 5th April in Ludlow - click here to request details.

20 December 2018

Dave Jagger worked at Daventry, Morecambe Bay, Wenvoe TMT (Transmitter Maintenance Team), Selkirk and ended his career as TM Winter Hill. He had various stays in hospitals at Bronglais Aberystwyth and Llanidloes, where Dave and Jean lived after his retirement.  Peter Condron (who worked with Dave Jagger for 10 years at Wenvoe) is writing an obituary for Prospero, in consultation with the family.

18 December 2018

Roy Hatton was the last E.i.C. at Brookmans Park transmitting station and he retired in 1984.  As well as the shift staff, many TCPD and other staff based at BP will remember him as a "gentleman E.i.C".  He was previously at Stagshaw.

25 November 2018

Neville Pickering retired early in 1985 after 41 years’ service in Transmitter Department. After spells at Droitwich and Westerglen and working at Daventry through the Fifties, he went to Woofferton in 1962. Eight years as STE Aerials there was followed by a succession of foreign postings. From 1970 to 1983 he carried out three tours of duty on Ascension Island (two as Resident Engineer) and six years as RE at Far Eastern Relay Station overseeing its successful movement from Tebrau to Singapore. He returned to Woofferton in 1983 and the station greatly benefitted from his wide experience and engineering nous. His straightforward, practical approach to problems, engineering and otherwise, earned him the deepest respect of his colleagues in the department. (This information is based on a note written by Neil Wilkieson in 1985.)

October 2018

Brian Ammon, Equipment Department.  The funeral will be in Leatherhead on Monday 5th November.

3 October 2018

Peter Brett.  Fred Gelder writes: "Peter was a pioneer who brought T.V to the north east just in time for the coronation, via the temporary Pontop Pike transmitter, we believe he was then at the age of 26 the youngest E.I.C in the corporation. He told us stories of the first few years in the department. Then they had to walk to site 1000 ft up the fells in winter blizzards, when they asked for some form of station transport someone from personnel suggested an umbrella would be a help since he used one to get to work in Oxford street. Peter remained at Pontop until his retirement to the north west of Scotland to live near his son who in later years became his carer. He was a gifted engineer, always the guy to ask when you had a difficult technical problem though he did seem happiest when he was fixing the station domestic water pump! He was equally at home with a network analyser a spectrum analyser or a Myford lathe, he was the source of all technical assistance. I learned a lot from Peter he was a fine engineer and good man, when he was the boss it was a pleasure to come to work."

9 September 2018

Eileen Briggs was the Management Assistant at Woofferton transmitting station until 1995. She made this contribution to bbceng. She was 84.
Jeff Cant writes: "Her BBC Staff Number was 81728. She was born in 1935 and lived with her father and mother in the family grocery shop on Sandpits Road, Ludlow. She attended the Ludlow Girl’s High School and worked in Ludlow prior to starting in the General Office at Woofferton early in February 1961. By 1963 she was the EiC’s Secretary and later became the Station Admin. Assistant. She retired in September 1992. Died on 9th Sept 2018 after a long illness. Her family were ardent supporters of the Baptist Church and the funeral was held in their Rockspring Chapel, Ludlow."

7 September 2018

Clive Rickerby worked in Communications Department in London (Duchess Street), then in 1988 moved to the new Transmission headquarters in Warwick. When BBC Transmission was privatised in 1997, Clive stayed with the BBC and worked at Woodnorton, Evesham. During his career he worked on many aspects of communications and he is fondly remembered by his colleagues as a very polite but firm “gentleman engineer” who worked to the highest possible professional standard. Clive died peacefully during his sleep following a long illness which he'd battled bravely and determinedly.  This obituary was published in Prospero (newspaper for retired staff).

4 August 2018

Nigel Vincent was a Senior Transmitter Engineer at Rampisham.

28 July 2018

Eric Buckley had a long career with BBC Engineering, joining as a YT at Ottringham in the mid 1940’s. He went on to postings at various stations around the country, finally ending up at Droitwich in 1964 as an SME. He stayed here until his retirement in 1986, which also encompassed a period as a lecturer at ETD in 1972.    From his son John Buckley.

15 June 2018

John Stephenson has sadly passed away and will be missed by his wife Rosemary, sons Mark and Andrew, family and friends. John was a very accomplished Design Engineer in Designs Department and was responsible for several ground breaking projects. On leaving the BBC John took up a senior position in the broadcasting industry and later formed his own company. He was always good company to be with and I relish fond memories of him as a valued friend.   From Peter Randall.

31 May 2018

Peter Adams was Manager Communications and Engineering Services in Wales.  Click here to see an obituary written by Roger Farmer.

31 January 2018

Vivian Weeks was a Senior Design Engineer in Designs Department, Western House, London.

20 January 2018

Alison Westmoreland. Sad to report her death at the early age of 54. Alison worked in the Daventry Overseas Supply section, purchasing goods and services for the overseas transmitting stations. Although local and joining in 1988 at Daventry, she spent a short time working in Henry Wood House to assist in transferring the section to Daventry. She left when the function was transferred again - to Merlin in Warwick on privatisation. Many ex-Daventry staff attended Alison’s funeral on February 14, 2018 in Northampton.

18 January 2018

Mark Ashworth made significant contributions to BBC Transmission in a number of ways.  Hopefully more details will appear here in due course.  Mark died of a brain tumour.  Much too young - he will be greatly missed.

22 December 2017

Ian Blanthorn was for many years ATM and TM at Crystal Palace.  This obituary was published in Prospero (newspaper for retired staff).

11 December 2017

Ron Forster joined Communications Dept. as a DEE in 1959 and stayed until early retirement in 1989, working latterly on DF projects. He was awarded Chartered Engineer status for his service.  He was happily married for 52 years to Frankie, who also worked in Comms Dept in the 1960s.  He died after a long illness.

16 December 2017

George Kinross (sometimes called Rab), age 68. He worked as a broadcast engineer at Television Centre, and for the last few years at Broadcasting House working for News24. He joined the BBC on a technical scholarship when he was 19. He saw many changes in management and technology but fixing things was always his passion.

11 December 2017

Alan Goodsell was at Brookmans Park until 1962 when he transferred to Woofferton, retiring as an STE.

26 November 2017

Bob Weston worked for BBC Transmission at various sites including Ascension Island, Skelton, Rampisham and Warwick.

20 November 2017

Ron Bradbrook was not employed by the BBC, but he was responsible for many transmitter developments that were of direct benefit to the BBC.  Chris Gardiner writes: "Ron joined Marconi in 1947 so his career almost covered the whole era of high power radio transmitters just missing out on the coming into service of the 100kW SWB-18 in the early nineteen forties. In his early days he worked under Brian McClarty who, like myself, had moved between the BBC and Marconi’s. Ron was closely associated with the development of the BD 272 and the insulated plates on the PA doors are a simulation of Ron Bradbrook as it was he who was standing in the doorway of Sender 93 at Woofferton during its installation and commissioning when the spurious radiations disappeared. In the nineties he undertook the early design work on what was to be Marconi’s last HF transmitter, the 500kW B6132, but retired before it went into service due to ill health.  Ron was also the senior Marconi engineer responsible for the design of the equipment for the BBC’s re-engineering of its UK MW network of transmitters in 1977 using the 50kW B6034 as it basic building block and for the modification of this transmitter in 1986 to long wave as the B6046 for use at Westerglen and Burghead.

13 October 2017

David Eaton worked for most of his career at Crystal Palace. He died of cancer and his funeral at Beckenham Crematorium on the 25th October 2017 was well attended. Click here to see a group picture taken at David's funeral. The group picture from left to right, features the following :-
Tony Allegranza, Kevin Viney, Roger Douglas, Ronan O’Gorman, Eddie Bradley, Spence Cresswell, Rick Crabtree, Alan, Eric Pickets, Peter & Hilary Sparks, Ranulph Poole, Don & Barbara, Geoff Godfrey, Phil Richmond & Simon Peterken. Phil Grey & wife arrived later & missed the picture.

28 July 2017

Tyssul (Tys) James, who was a real larger than life' character, from Cefn Coed near Merthyr. He was STE at Wenvoe, then TM at Llandonna when he retired. Tys and his wife Connie then moved to Penclawdd on the Gower. Connie pre-deceased him by many years. He was at the last Wenvoe re-union event earlier this year.

16 July 2017

Simon Hazlewood, STE Holme Moss.

4 April 2017

Gordon Bush worked at Woofferton in 1962 and later moved to the Service Planning Section of Research Department.  He was 85.

April 2017

Russell Tollerfield was a BBC transmitter engineer until 1965, before moving to Radio London, Capital Radio, Radio Victory, Ocean Sound and the annual Isle of Wight RSL station Cowes Radio.
On seeing this entry, Ray Liffen emailed: "In the years 1963 -1966 I was a Technical Trainee. From 23rd March to 1st May 1964 the training was at Skelton (OSE 8 and OSE 9). Russ Tollerfield was already there as a TA. He was a radio ham (G3SQD) but his 'pirate' interests were already in place.  On a particular night he told us to tune our radios to 207 metres (1 below Luxembourg) at 11pm when he broadcast as 'Radio Free Penrith' (a very daring thing to do and obviously a sackable offence if caught).
In later years he joined Radio London and while there compiled the 'Hello Sam' tape. This was recorded on the ship for his friend Sam and includes records, jingles and station idents all jumbled together with details of 'studio tricks' including things like playing records in and out of phase (a new idea in 1965). A rare example of what happened 'behind the scenes' and recorded late at night when no-one was about."

February 2017

Al Malcolm began his career as Youth in Training at Dundee, then Moorside Edge, P&ID, ARS, Daventry then WOF as EiC in May 1975 - 25/6/79 (then to Kranji) returned as EiC Woofferton 24/8/79 - March 1983, two years as Resident Engineer at Kranji. Retired 1985.

24 December 2016

George Morley was an SME at Brookmans Park and was one of the main movers in the successful transition over the period of November 1978 when the wavelength changes were executed.  He could be relied upon to do a superb job and provide the data and notes for what he had done for the future.

24 November 2016

John Austin was Head of Equipment Department.  Click here for an obituary.

November 2016

John Jarvie had a long career in the BBC starting with a spell at Norwich and going on to become Head of Studio Capital Projects Department, during which he was involved in the creation of a number of new local radio station buildings. Later he became engineering general manager at TV Centre.

12 August 2016

John Astle was Head of Business & Engineering at Research & Development in Kingswood Warren.

12 August 2016

David Rayney was Power Station Manager at a number of Overseas sites.

24 June 2016

John Chantler was a Technical Assistant at Woofferton HF transmitting station for many years and a stalwart Officer of the Trade Union. Later he was an HF Conditional Engineer, he retired mid-1987.

21 November 2015

Peter Nicholas, Transmission.  This obituary was published in Prospero (newspaper for retired staff).

16 June 2015

S. W. Amos joined the BBC during the Second World War and became Head of Technical Publications, finally retiring in the early 1970s. He passed away peacefully on Tuesday morning 16th June 2015, aged 99.

His son Roger now has the responsibility of clearing his father's house which contains a very full set of books on electronics and broadcasting technology, most of which he wrote or co-authored, but there are others. All were published decades ago, some in the 1940s, and Roger is seeking a good home for them.  Here is a list.  Please email if you can help.

3 May 2015

Alex Rothney, Site Acquisition. He was 92.

May 2015

Jack Paley, Sandale, Oxford, then Transmitter Manager at Wenvoe. The funeral will take place on Tuesday 12th May at at 1.45pm in Llandough. Please click here to see an obituary written by Peter Condron.

31 March 2015

John Brooks, Designs Department.  Derek Simmons writes: "He was an accomplished draughtsman, became Head Draughtsman, and then transferred to another area of Services Section where he was responsible for handling and progressing all requests for work placed on the Model Shop. He took early retirement as part of the amalgamation of DD & ED in 1987, and went back to the drawing board with a firm local to his home in Horsham, West Sussex".  The funeral will take place on Monday, 27th of April at 1pm in Worthing. Please click here to request further details of the funeral.

6 Feb 2015

Frank Smith, Clerk of Works, Architectural and Civil Engineering Department.  "A plain speaking Yorkshire(?) man with a great sense of humour and bringer of news and gossip. He knew buildings and builders, their tricks and shortcuts. With Frank in charge they built it right or they built it again. He could look at a building and tell you straight way if it was safe to demolish a wall or knock out a hole. A fount of knowledge and always very helpful, an old fashioned "good guy"." (-Stuart Winsor).  "Not only was Frank damn good at his job, he was a damn nice guy as well. His lasting legacy is the quality of the buildings and fond memories from all of us." (-Jim Woodward).  Please click here to see an obituary written by Ken Ward.

January 2015

Frank Orme, Holme Moss and Peterborough transmitting stations. The funeral will probably be on Tuesday 20th January.  Click here to email for details.

January 2015

Phil Bainbridge, Daventry transmitting station.  Click here to see a picture, taken by Phil Richmond, of the ex-BBC people who attended the funeral at Banbury on 22nd January: Left-Right - Frances Cover, Ian Rogers, Paul Dunn, Dave Peck, Mike Littlewood, Mike Betts. Dave Adams, Steve Canham, Phil Critchley, Stuart Winsor, Peter  Wagstaff, Phil Richmond & Robin Westley.

December 2014

Peter Dews, Project Manager at BBC Transmission in Warwick (and more recently Arqiva).  Maurice Miller writes: "When in Projects I worked at many an MF site with Peter enjoying what were some of my best working days in his company. With him we launched Crown Castle’s first commercial DAB mux. Peter was a “good egg” through and through and I will greatly miss him. AM and DAB Radio owes much to this man on whose installations he will live on." 


Tom Small worked at Skelton and Stagshaw transmitting stations before moving to the Central Personnel Directorate where he was involved for a number of years in the BBC's various job evaluation schemes.

August 2014

Bill Busby. "Mr Busby" was EiC Crystal Palace.  He was an influential and towering figure (literally!) in the first 20 years of this important transmitting station. Click here to see an obituary written by Norman Shacklady.

25 Jun 2014

Johnny Johnstone, Head of RF Section Section, Designs Department until 1985. Johnny's wife Jennifer has asked for her thanks to be passed on to the 16 ex-BBC folk who attended the funeral.  Click here to see an obituary written by John Sykes, David Kitson, Rhys Lewis and Martin Ellen.

2 Apr 2014

Gerry Kingdom, Droitwich.

20 Feb 2014

Dai Thomas, ex-Senior Transmitter Manager, Wenvoe, died after a short illness - he was on the golf driving range three days earlier and on fine form.  Click here to see an obituary written by Peter Condron.

17 Jan 2014

May Bainton, Cook at Wenvoe during some part of the 70's and 80's. She was 87.

17 Nov 2013

Neil Burrows, Daventry. Neil's funeral is on Friday the 29th November near Daventry.  Details available on request.

15 Nov 2013

Bill McDowell, Communications Manager, Scotland.

10 Nov 2013

Ross Durling, Links/Comms & Networks Unit, Brookmans Park.

27 Sep 2013

Lee Davison, a transmitter engineer who worked at Woofferton. Dave Porter noted that "If we ever needed a digital/logic circuit he was the font of all such knowledge".

25 Sep 2013

Les Lane, a senior transmitter engineer who worked at Woofferton and Daventry. Click here for a picture of ex-BBC staff at the funeral.  Roy Clarke, John Barry, Stuart Winsor, Dave Adams, Norman Rhodes, Trevor Gandine, Pete Wagstaff, Dave Dymott, Brian Finch, Pete Arnold, Rod Viveash, Steve Hill, Julian Marlow, Phil Richmond.

21 Sep 2013

John Penry Davies, Droitwich.

30 Aug 2013

Bob Short - a larger-than-life character in TPID/TCPD from the end of the 60's to 1978.  As well as contacts from his time at the BBC, Bob was also well known in Amateur Radio and Model Engineering circles.

June 2013

Vic Howett, Communications Department.  Click here for an obituary written by Clive Rickerby.

Feb 2013

Colin Seabright, who is best remembered for his role as Manager of the Audio and Telecommunications Area (ATA) in Broadcasting House, London.  Click here for an obituary written by Ken Turner.

8 Dec 2012


7 Jan 2013

Fred Wylie says:
"It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of two stalwarts of Comms Engineering in Northern Ireland. RJM Elliott, or Mo to all his friends and colleagues died on 8th December 2012 at the age of 93. Mo joined the BBC in 1944 and when I first knew him he was AALE, Asst Area Lines Engineer. With the arrival of television in the region he eventually became MCES, Manager Comms and Engineering Services. He was later appointed to the senior management post of HPSE, Head of Programme and Services Engineering, a post he held with distinction until his retirement in 1979.

Within a month on 7th January 2013, Alan Goodall passed away, age 86 after a long period of failing health.. Alan, born near Scarborough joined the BBC in 1942 aged 16 as a youth in training in Huddersfield and after National Service in the Royal Signals went on to further his engineering career in Bristol, Duchess Street London, where he met his wife Phyllis and then to Glasgow. In 1964 he came to Northern Ireland, with his family, as CPE, Communications Planning Engineer a post he held until his retirement in 1986.

It was my pleasure to have known and worked with these two excellent engineers and fine gentlemen."

15 Dec 2012

Bill Williams passed away in a nursing home near Reigate. Bill worked in Service Planning Section at Kingswood Warren for most of his career.

9 Nov 2012

Terry Buzza has sadly passed away in hospital after a short period of illness. Terry was a Technical Services supervisor with experience at several locations. He joined the BBC as a Transmitter Technician at Holme Moss in the early 1980’s. He then had a period working at the Caribbean Relay Company in Antigua before returning to take up the supervisor position at Rampisham. Terry had short spells working at various overseas locations. His friendly demeanour and high level of skill was a great asset and could always be relied on. He will be missed by all his friends and colleagues who have had the privilege to know him. (Written by Stephen Gray)

31 Aug 2012

John Lunn, Research Department, Kingswood Warren.

14 May 2012

Jim Moon, Site Acquisition Section, Transmitter Department

14 May 2012

Brian Carpenter, Research Department, Kingswood Warren.

24 Apr 2012

Richard Sanders, Research Department, Kingswood Warren.

17 Mar 2012

Henry Kempson, Wenvoe.

15 Feb 2012

Peter Legate, Research Department, Kingswood Warren.

3 February 2012

Maurice Williamson, who was a highly respected senior figure in Transmitter Group.

20 Oct 2011

Dave Juland, who was a Transmitter Technician at Daventry HF Transmitting Station.

16 Oct 2011

Bob Crawford, Senior Transmitter Manager at Kirk o'Shotts passed away peacefully on the 16th of October 2011 at the age of 94. He joined the BBC in 1938 at Westerglen and became Engineer in Charge at Kirk o' Shotts in 1972 until his retirement in 1977 as STM. He retained a great interest in broadcasting until his death

14 May 2011

Tony Morgan, Wenvoe and Hannington.

13 Mar 2011

Geoff Claxton, who worked in Cardiff studios, died when the light ‘plane that he was piloting crashed near Swansea. Click here for an obituary written by Roger Farmer

10 Nov 2010

John Fletcher says: With great sadness I pass on the news that David Kirby died on Monday. As some of you will know, he had been battling a serious illness for many months.  He will be much missed by his colleagues here at BBC R&D.

16 June 2010

Peter Charles McKay worked as a photographer at Kingswood Warren from the early 60’s through to his retirement in 1991.  Sadly he died following complications caused by treatment for cancer, he was 78.  Stuart McKay asked for this notice to be placed here as his father had lost contact with some of his old friends after retiring.

26 May 2010

Phil Wakely 71, had worked at Rampisham as a General Maintenance Assistant, retiring in the late 1990's. Those of you that worked at Rampisham during the 80's and 90's will remember his great attention to detail and his love of Bridport Town football club.

1 Apr 2010

Ron Johnson, formerly Engineer in Charge of the Washford transmitting station. This was one of the early "Regional Transmitter" stations, opened in 1933.

Message from Ron's family: "We are sad to announce that Ronald Oliver Johnson came to the end of life's journey on 1st April 2010 aged 92.  He was the devoted husband to Daphne for over 60 years and loving father to Anthony, Susan and Lesley. The funeral will be held at Taunton Crematorium on 13th April at 1pm.  Family flowers only please.  Donations in lieu of flowers to Diabetes UK c/o Grandfield Funeral Directors, Keenthorne, Nether Stowey, Somerset, TA5 1HZ."

Click here to see an obituary written by Bert Gallon.

Dave Porter says:  "I worked at Washford just for six months and can honestly say he was one of the best EiC I ever met. He led by example and was an inspiration of how to do it properly. The station and its operation and management was a tribute to his professionalism.  If anybody ever needed to see how it was done this was the place and the man.  Since I left I kept in contact and we have seen his offerings to me in terms of reminiscences and technical writings.  In the last ToTT I used some of his training notes for the piece on ferrite combiners.  A true inspiration, I will miss his letters."

17 Feb 2010

John Campion, World Service. Retired in 1982.

12 Feb 2010

Lynda Darlington nee Norman.  Lynda was a secretary in the Studio Group office of Research Department at Kingswood Warren.

Feb 2010

Barry George. Glyn Morgan writes:  "Barry was in Designs Department Measurement Section when I was both new to the BBC and London in 1977. Barry was always a font of knowledge and very supportive in encouraging the younger section members. He had a reputation for devising thought provoking problems as well as the occasional practical joke. Barry later moved into computer support at a time when it was migrating from a small specialist mathematical operation to providing computer access and facilities across the whole department. Here his down-to-earth problem solving skills, and wit, were a benefit to the wider department. Barry took early retirement when Avenue House closed and moved with his wife Ann to Bath. Sadly Ann passed away in 2007. I will always remember him as someone who went to great lengths to help others."

Dec 2009

Doug Latcham, TCPD.

Aug 2009

Les Reece, Daventry.

8 July 2009

Peter Tingey, Designs Department and TCPD.

Mar 2009

Simon Saint, Daventry.

Dec 2008

Charles Sandbank, Deputy Director of Engineering.

20 Sep 2008

George Monteath. He was Head of BBC Research Department form 1976 to 1978 and he was an expert in radio frequency technology.

6 Sep 2008

Allen Herbert  joined the BBC in 1936 as a “Student Apprentice" and went on to to be a leading light in the development of HF antennas. He left the BBC in 1970, but some years later he made a major contribution to On Air.

Sep 2008

Geoffrey Goodship.

Aug 2008

John Shelley. He was a key figure in Designs Department for many years, starting in Neville Watson's Television Transmission Section and retiring as Head of Monitoring & Control Section.

12 Jun 2008

John Gealer, He is is probably best remembered for the expert guidance that he gave to very many engineers who attended his courses at the Engineering Training Department.

20 May 2008

Gordon Frederick ("Jeff") Turner, Antenna STE and A/AEiC Daventry transmitting station. See obituary in the Guardian.

May 2008

Janet Jones [nee Faulkner], Cook at Woofferton transmitting station.

Apr 2008

Percy Winsor, STE Woofferton transmitting station.

Apr 2008

Mike Barnes. Senior Transmitter Engineer at Wenvoe transmitting station.

1 Feb 2008

Ivor Tupper.  Ivor was a talented and highly respected engineer who, amongst other things, did pioneering work on the development of pulsed klystron techniques which significantly increased the efficiency of the BBC's television transmitter network.

Annual Prizes in memory of Ivor Tupper

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Two annual prizes have been established in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, London, in memory of Ivor Tupper (1927-2008). Ivor, who spent the whole of his working life with the BBC, was an engineer of outstanding ability who made a substantial contribution to the work of Transmission Group. The prizes are to be awarded for excellence in the fields of signal processing, broadcast and video technology, one at BSc degree level and one at MSc degree level. The first prizes will be awarded in 2010.
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Brian Bower, Designs Department.


Gordon Parker, Designs Department and Equipment Department.

21 May 2000

Peter Smith Pearson, Rampisham, Moorside Edge and Holme Moss