EPllOOll EPll/ll
EP110012 EP11S/12
EP110013 EP11SM/13&A
EP110014 EP11S/14
EP110015 EP11SM/15
EP150009 EP15SM/9
EP150010 EP15SM/10
program microphone and headset connectors with circuits for
the routing of microphones to either transmission or
talkback. A visual incoming cue and button outgoing cue is
provided. Three incoming talkback circuits are available
microphone appears with a separate volume control across
one of the other circuits. Supersedes EPll/5. Used with
EP11/10. SCPD 1983.
Commentator o. B. equipment. The I COO BE I is a portable,
3 Mic & 1 replay input device for radio commentary at OB
sites. It uses a Music & Control line as a link to the
studio. Power requirements PP9 + 2 x PP3 Batteries.
Equipment superseded: EP11/1. SCPD 1986.
Digital Audio Mixer. Mixing equipment to allow stereo
AES/EBU digital audio channels to be mixed together and/or
with one stereo or two mono analogue channels. Mixing is
in the digital domain with an AES/EBU output. The
equipment works with one of two control surfaces.
Power requirements: 240 V ac Chassis: One 4U and purpose
EP11SM/13. D & ED (A) 1986.
Digital Audio Signal Processor. This is an assembly of 4u
cards, including an ADC and DAC, which provides the
necessary digital audio processing for a 3 channel digital
audio mixer. The I AI version has only one digital input
and no analogue clean feed output. Power requirements
240Vac. PN3/54. Parent equipment EPllS/12. Sub-units
C010S/12, COllS/6, UN23S/183, MX3S/6, C08/l3, C09/9,
FL4/80, FL4/81, PS3/67, PS4/18A. D & ED (A) 1987.
Digital Audio Mixer. Mixing equipment, to allow two stereo
AES/EBU digital audio signals and one stereo analogue
signal to be mixed together. The mixed output is available
in both analogue and digital formats. Power requirements
240Vac. Chassis PN3/54 and purpose-built console.
Sub-units DK4S/47, EP11SM/15. D & ED (A) 1987.
Digi tal Audio Signal Processor. Digital audio processing
equipment, providing all the electronic units for mixing
signals in the digital domain, under the control of a
mixing console such as the DK4S/4 7. Power requirements
240Vac. Chassis PN3/54. Chassis extender CH1A/52. Parent
equipment EP11S/14. Sub-units C010S/12, C011S/6,
UN23S/183, FL4/80, C08/l3, MX3S/6, FL4/81, C09/9, PS3/67,
PS4/18A. D & ED (A) 1987.
MCP Switching Equipment. MCP switching system.
version of MIC System. 3 x PN3/54. DD 1985.
Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) switching system,
receiving and interpreting two word instructions from MIC
desk. VALID instructions are pre-set in Read Only Memory.
Instructions for selecting picture monitors and loudspeaker
operate internal relay matrix. 4 x PN3/54. DD 1977.