FL020019 FL2/19
FL020020 FL2/20
FL020021 FL2/21A-L
FL020023 FL2/23
FL020024 FL2/24
FL020025 FL2/25
FL020026 FL2/26
27.1kHz. Power requirements 190-260 V mains. CHl/12A. DD
Bandpass Filter. To provide additional IF filtering in the
RC5/9 Band 11 receiver.
This enhances the receiver
performance regarding close-channel rejection, especially
in stereo operation. Eddystone box. Parent equipment
RD5/9. DD 1978. DDMI 5.375.
88-l04MHz Bandpass Filter. To provide harmonic filtering
on the output of 500W Band II Power amplifiers. Type N
female connectors. Supersedes Bird 5329. Parent equipment
AM14/26A and AM14/3. DD 1978.
Bandpass Filter. The bandpass filter is a plug-in card
which is part of the DM3/6 DPSK Demodulator. The filter
selects a modulated dpsk signal at anyone of eleven centre
frequencies, suffix coded A-L. The' A' suffix centre
frequency is 6.9kHz; 'B' is 7.9kHz; up to 'L' for l6.9kHz.
Power requirements +12V and -12V at lmA Through hole
plated board approximately 110mm x 43mm. Parent equipment
DM3/6. DD 1979. DDMI 6.351(80).
IF Helical Resonator. A 3 section Helical Resonator Filter
at 10.7MHz intended to replace FL2/19 Filter in RC5L/8
Receiver (when prevailing conditions dictate). It improves
the adjacent channel rejection of the receiver while
retaining stereo performance. 132 x 80 x 42mm. Parent
equipment RC5L/8. TCPD 1983.
Dual Talkback Filter. First developed for Outside
Broadcast communications in television. The unit contains
two active filters each having 24dB per octave attenuation
outside cut off frequencies of 200Hz and 5 .5kHz. Front
panel switches enable the filters to be bypassed without a
charge in mid band gain. The inputs and outputs are
actively balanced with additional unbalanced access. Power
requirements !16V 36mA. 100 x 220mm Eurocard. Mounted on
0.6" width front panel for 3U high racking with 96 way
Euro-connector. Supersedes FL2/24. SCPD 1983.
UHF Band Pass Filter. Band Pass Filter, 18MHz wide,
tunable in range 800-900MHz. Used in input circui t of
RC4M/8C. Etched box 170mm x 100mm x 28mm. Parent
equipment RC4M/8C. DD 1983. DDMI 5.434(84).
UHF Band Pass Filter. Based on FL2/565. Tunable over
Bands IV and V. Bandwidth 8MHz. Etched box 170mm x
100mm x 28mm. Parent equipment RC4M/8B, RC4M/8D. DD 1983.
DDMI 5.434(84).
Tuneable UHF Bandpass Filter. UHF bandpass filter tunable
over range 400-900MHz. Tuning can be varied by approx
20MHz by application of a DC control voltage in the range 0
to +12 volts. Also includes arrangements for feeding a DC
supply to a masthead pre-amplifier. Power requirements
tuning voltage 0 - 12 volts DC, zero current. Etched box
170mm x 69.5mm x 28mm. Parent equipment RC4M/8D. DD