FL020027 FL2/27
FL020028 FL2/28
FL020029 FL2/29
FL020030 FL2/30
FL020031 FL2/31A&B
FL020032 FL2/32
FL020033 FL2/33
FL020034 FL2/34 A&B
9.7kHz Bandpass Filter. Bandpass filter for external input
of 9.7KHz tone to EP2M/7. Also converts balanced input to
unbalanced signal to feed into MD3/10 in DPSK tone input
connection. Ocupies slot previously reserved for MD3/11
DPSK modulator. Single horizontally mounted pcb with 32
pin G06 connector BMM 2U C width brick. Parent equipment
EP2M/7. RD 1984.
10.7 MHz Band-Pass Filter. The FL2/28 replaces the FL2/19
in RC5/9 Re-broadcast Receivers under difficult reception
conditions. The filter provides greater selectivity at the
expense of some increase in distortion. 5MB 50 Q
connections, extruded BBC case. Power requirements +18 to
24 V, 30 mA. 125 x 110 x 32 mm excluding connectors.
Parent equipment RC5/9. DD 1985. DDMI 5.454(85).
Aerial Matching Unit. Aerial Matching Unit for TM3P/9
Transmitter. Contains circulator, reverse wave indication
and adjustable aerial matching components. Designed for
'Man-Pack' applications. Chassis dimensions: 180x90x90mm
diecast box. Parent equipment: TM3P/9. D&ED (RF) 1986.
Aerial Matching Unit. Aerial Matching Unit for TM3P/9
transmitter. Contains 7 dB attenuator and adjustable
aerial matching component. Designed for 'Shoulder-pack'
applications. Chassis dimensions: 250 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm
fabricated box. Parent equipment: TM3P/9. D & ED (RF)
Band I Bandpass Filter. Band I Bandpass filter, band width
=3 MHz.
The A version centre frequency is 54.7 MHz
The B version centre frequency is 61.7 MHz
For use with RC4P/10 Radio Mic. Receiver. Chassis: 'Rose'
weatherproof box. D & ED (RF) 1986. MI R.1031(87).
6.552MHz IF Filter. This unit forms part of the Digital
Stereo Sound with Terrestrial Television Demodulator. The
rerceived digital stereo signal, at an IF carrier frequency
of 6.552MHz, undergoes bandpass filtering to remove any
other components of the System I television signal, before
undergoing data-shaping filtering. This receive-filtering
is (100% Cosine Roll-off Hi. An Automatic Gain Control
circuit (AGC) is included to allow automatic gain control
of the unit, giving a 6.552MHz IF output of 330mV peak-to-
peak across 7SQ. There is also an option of selecting an
adjustable manual gain. Power requirements +12V (50 mA).
DM4M/8. RD 1987.
141MHz Bandpass Filter. This Band III filter is centered
on 141.25MHz, with a bandwidth of around 3MHz. It provides
channel selection for the RC4SM/11 Music Link Receiver.
Parent equipment RC4SM/11. D&ED (RF) 1987.
224/214MHz Bandpass Filter. This Band III filter is
centred on either 224MHz (A) or 214MHz (B), with a
bandwidth of around 4MHz. It provides channel selection