for the RC4SM/ll Music Link Receiver.
RC4SM/11. D&ED (RF) 1987.
Parent equipment
FL020557 FL2/557
UHF Bandpass Filter to select a single frequency in the
range 440MHz to 920MHz with greater than 60dB rejection at
~@40MHz. DD 1975. DDMI 5.296.
FL020558 FL2/558D»E»F UHF Bandpass Filter. Same as FL2/558» A» Band C but
fitted with BNC connectors instead of TNC connectors.
Aluminium box 160 x 80 x 14mm. DD 1981.
FL020561 FL2/561
UHF Bandpass
for use with the
EP16M/501A-H UHF Transposer. Rejects image noise from the
local oscillator output. Mounted in small case box 29mm x
38mm x 22mm. TNC connectors in input and output. DD 1976.
FL020562 FL2/562
UHF Bandpass Filter. To replace the FL2/552 in the RF Test
Set EP14M/507. Offers weight and cost advantage. Similar
to FL2/559 in mechanical format. DD 1976.
FL020563 FL2/563
FL020564 FL2/564
FL020565 FL2/565
FL020565 FL2/565 A&B
FL020566 FL2/566
FL020567 FL2/567
FL020568 FL2/568
UHF Bandpass
for use with
pass band»
Filter. Lightweight version of the FL2/554
the RF Test Set EP14M/507» 4 element» 10MHz
tunable around 430MHz centre frequency.
identical to FL2/559. DD 1976.
UHF Bandpass Filter. A narrow bandpass filter designed to
fit inside the OS3/508» tunable between 500MHz and 900MHz
its functions being to reduce the out of band noise output
from the OS3/508. The filter is constructed in a small
diecast box measuring 38mm x 29mm x 22mm. Input and output
'conhex' snap on connectors. DD 1976. DDMI 5.319.
UHF Bandpass Filter. UHF Bandpass filter tunable over
Bands IV and V» suitable for selecting an 8MHz channel.
170 x 100 x 28mm. Supersedes FL2/559 and FL2/560. Parent
equipment PA1M/579. DD 1981. DDMI 5.405(81).
UHF Bandpass Filter. FL2/565 original filter used in
TM4M/502 and elsewhere as a UHF channel filter for Band
IV & V. FL2/565A is an improved filter for use with
TM4M/502» retaining the same mounting holes but may not be
compatible with other uses as the depth is increased by
6 mm. FL2/565B is the same as the FL2/565A but with TNC
connec tors for use in the DM1M/ 506. PCB: 28 x 170 x 106.
Parent equipment TM4M/502» DM1M/506 & Others. DD(5) 1985.
Chrominance Filter. Chrominance band-pass filter used in
the DM2/512 chrominance demodulator unit. 36mm x 55mm pcb.
Parent equipment DM2/512. DD 1981. DDMI 9.309.
Bandpass Filter. Comprises 3 SAW filters on a common
mounting. On filter passes the modulated vision signal»
one the 40.75MHz Vision Carrier and the third the Sound
Carrier. PCB 108 x 50mm. Parent equipment RC5/503. DD
U.H.F. Bandpass Filter. Input channel filter.
equipment DM1M/506. DD 1984.