FL020570 FL2/570
FL020571 FL2/571
FL030016 FL3/16
FL030023 FL3/23
FL030024 FL3/24
FL030025 FL3/25
FL030026 FL3/26
FL040018 FL4/18A
FL040062 FL4/62AtB
FL040063 FL4/63
UHF Bandpass Filter. UHF bandpass filter at 720 MHz with
greater than 50 dB rejection at !27 MHz. Replaces FL2/557
currently used in TM2/3. Box Assembly 153 x 60 x 24 mm.
Parent equipment TM2/3. DD 1984.
UHF Bandpass Filter. Compact UHF Bandpass Filter to select
any channel in Band IV and V by pre-tuning. Input and
output is via BNC connectors. Smaller than FL2/505
series, is intended for use in equipment where space is
limited. Chassis dimensions 120 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm.
D & ED (RF) 1986.
Highpass Filter and Amplifier. A VOGAD amplifier provides
a constant output level irrespective of changes in input
level and a high pass filter rejects any signals at 950Hz.
4U, 57 way unsupported board with PN1/29J panel. DD 1976.
High Pass FIlter, 30Hz. This filter is designed to remove
undesirable very low frequency components from stereo
signals before PCM coding takes place. Two independent
filters are fitted to one chassis having the same
connections to its l7-way plug as the stereo equalisers
EQ3/29 through EQ3/33. Six such chassis may be fitted to
a PN3/55 and powered from a PS2/163. Power requirements
+12V and -12V. CH1/65A (2U 'A' width). DD 1979.
Harmonic Distortion Filter. Balanced high-pass filter for
measurement of total harmonic distortion by rejection of
6kHz fundamental and all signals of lower frequency.
Diecast box 188mm x 120mm x 57mm. DD 1980.
Band 11 High Pass Filter. High-Pass filtert used on output
of Band 11 drives. The filter reduces broadband noise
output in the range 0-80MHz, whilst passing wanted carriers
in the range 88-l00MHz ('A' version) or 100-108MHz
(' B' version). Die-Cast Box TNC M/Fm connectors. Parent
equipment TM4L/1 etc. DD 1984.
Coax Isolator. The device stops D.C. and attenuates M.F.
signals passing along a 500hm coax cable. Intended for
passing signals at 90MHz and above. TCPD 1984.
Lowpass Filter used on carrier phantom circuits to prevent
high audio frequency crosstalk for P.O. carrier systems.
Cut off frequency 1105kHz, 600Q in and out. Identical to
FL4/18 electricallYt but suitable for BMM chassis. Bracket
mounted to fit to CH2/4. Parent equipment PA1M/86. DD
Lowpass Filter t part of the MD3/10, Tone Modulator, and
DM3/5 t Tone Demodulator. The filter removes programme at
the individual tone frequencies. The f. c. of the filter
can be changed between 6.lkHz and l6.lkHz in 1kHz steps by
selecting the correct components. Through hole plated
board approximately l25mm x 50mm. DD 1 977.
15kHz Lowpass Filter used to remove 19kHz and 23kHz tones
in M.I.C. applications where an attenuation of 60dB is