FL040590 FL4/590
FL040591 FL4/591
FL040592 FL4/592
FL040593 FL4/593
FL040594 FL4/594
FL040595 FL4/595
FL050007 FL5!7
FL050008 FL5/8
FL050009 FL5/9
corrected, low-pass filter with 3 dBs of attenuation at
Different versions exist having various
propagation delays:
FL4/589A 850 ns
FL4/589B 813 ns
FL4/589C 790 ns
FL4/589D 753 ns
P.C.B. 150 mm x 80 mm. DD 1983. DDMI 1.261(84).
Luminance Filter. Low-pass filter used in the DM2/512
chrominance demodulator unit to provide a luminance signal.
45mm x 30mm pcb. Parent equipment DM2/512. DD 1981. DDMI
Low-Pass Filter. This filter module forms part of the
ME3M/502 TV Waveform Analyser. Its function is to restrict
the bandwidth to 5MHz for noise measurements. 87mm x 33mm.
Parent equipment ME8/501. DD 1981.
6.65MHz Cauer Low Pass Filter. 5th order low pass filter,
6.65MHz, O.ldB ripple, 75Q. Used in DAC output. PCB 31 x
69mm, plug-in. Parent equipment GE6/551 and GE6/558. DD
1983. DDMI 9.318(84).
1.3MHz Low Pass Filter. 1.3MHz phase equalised low pass
filter for ACE Standards Converter chrominance channels.
Uses PCB for FL4/589 A & B. Parent equipment C06/510. DD
1.875 MHz Cauer Low-Pass Filter. Sub-unit of GE6S/567,
chrominance envelope DAC filter, 300 Q impedance, plug-in
card. PCB 69 x 30 mm. D&ED (V) 1987. MI V.1045(87).
7.5 MHz Cauer Low-Pass Filter. Sub-unit of GE6S/567,
luminance DAC filter, 75 Q impedance, plug-in card.
PCB 69x30mm. D&ED (V) 1987. MI V.1046(87).
2 way Combining Filter used in the PA1/71 to combine
outputs of two AM14/9 or two AM14/15. Printed circuit
board mounted in BX1/11. Sub-unit FL5/6. TCPD 1978.
Combining Filter Band II. Enables a Band II transmitter
output to be combined with one or more previously combined
transmitter outputs prior to feeding a common aerial. (N-
1) combines of this type may be cascaded to pri vide an N
way channel combiner. Sub-unit FL1/50. DD 1979.
Combining Filter Band 11. Enables a Band 11 transmitter
amplifier channel to be combined with one or more
previously-combined channels. The combined channels are
then phased through an Harmonic Filter (FL4/70) befor e the
transmitter aerial. Sub-units FL1/50 and FL4/70. DD 1979.
Combining Filter Band 11. Enables the outputs of two co-
phased transmitters to be combined into one output. With a
maximum combined
250 W.
are Ntype
(female) with SO Q ports. Frequency range 88-108 MHz. A
monitoring output is provided, level ~-27 dB relative to
the combined output.
Parent equipment PA1/110A-D.