FLOS0010 FLS/10
FLOS0012 FLS/12
FLOS0013 FLS/13A,B
FLOSOS07 FL5/507
FL060027 FL6/27
FL060028 FL6/28
Band 11 Combining Filter. Enables the outputs of two cop-
phased transmitters to be combined into one out put, with a
maximum combined power of 400W. Connectors are N type
(female) with SOQ ports, frequency range 88-108MHz. A
monitoring output is provided. Level approximately -27dB
relative to the combined output. Parent equipment PA1/115.
DD 1980.
Band II Combining Filter. Combines three FM Transmitters
of up to 200 watts each into a single aerial system. Can
be extended to combine up to five such Transmitters into a
single aerial system with additional components. Sub-units
FL1/S0A, FL1/S0B (4 x 200W and above). TCPD 1981.
4-Way Band 11 Combining Filter. This unit combines 4 co-
phase inputs, of up to 500W each, into a single output of
up to 2kW. The unit operates in the band 88 - 108MHz, and
contains internal balancing loads. 5U 19" Panel. Parent
equipment AM14/51A. DD 1981. DDMI 5.412(82).
Dual 2-Way Band 11 Combining Filter. This dual combiner is
of the Wilkinson type, requiring two co-phased inputs in
the range 88-108MHz to produce a single combined output of
up to 1kW CW. Two identical combiners are housed within
the unit.
4U 19" rack-mounting.
Parent equipment
AM14/51B. DD 1982. DDMI 5.416(82).
Combining Filter. 4U free card providing analogue notch
filters with parallel flat equal delay path. Unit used
with comb filters in PAL decoding. Power requirements +12V
and -12V SmA. Used with GE4/S67, FL4/584, UN14/538,
FL1/S30 and CD3/537. DD 1978.
Combining Filter NTSC. 4U free standing card providing
analogue notch filters with parallel flat equal delay path.
Unit used with comb filters in NTSC decoding. Power
requirements +12V and -12V at 50mA. 4U unsupported card.
Parent equipment PA6M/S44. DD 1979.
3dB Splitting Filter used to split the incoming aerial lead
to two receivers RC2/3 in the EP8M/7 studio communication
equipment. Printed circuit board 38mm x llOmm. DD 1976.
DDMI 5.333(77).
Splitting Filter Panel 483mm x 222mm panel with eight
helical resonators connected in pairs to split an aerial
feed of four transmissions to the appropriate receivers or
transposers un VHF/FM relay stations. Sub-unit FL1/46.
TCPD 1978.
Splitting Filter Panel. Unit is similar to FL6/28 but only
equipped with 6 off FLl/46 Helical Resonators. Metalwork
of FL6/28A to be identical with FL6/28. Sub-unit FL1/46.
ED 1981.
Spli tting Filter Panel.
only equipped with 4
Metalwork of FL6/28B to
unit FL1/46. ED 1983.
Unit is similar to FL6/28, but
off FL1/46 Helical Resonators.
be identical with FL6/28. Sub-