FL070504 FL7/504
FL070505 FL7/505
FW010010 FW1/10 A-E
FW010012 FW1/12
FW010013 FW1/13
FW010014 FW1/14
FW010014 FW1/15A-D&S
FW010015 FW1/15X
FW010016 FW1/16A-D&S
Notch Filter. Reduces luminance signals near colour
subcarrier frequency. This reduces cross-colour effects in
the PAL system. The filter is mounted at the camera head
of an LDK5 camera. Philips LDK5 Camera Chass is. DD 1979.
DDMI 8.620(80). DDHB 8.366(80).
Cross Colour Reducing Filter. Sub-carrier notch filter for
reducing cross-colour in Philips LDK/5 Colour Camera.
Specially designed to fit 'Coder-in' module of LDK/5.
Performance as per FL1/526. 54mm x 10mm x 13mm high. DD
Desk Panel Framework. To
CH1/71 and CH1/72 and
FW1/10 A 21/2
FW1/10 B 5
FW1/10 C 61/2
FW1/10 D 8
FW1/10 E 7
CH1/71, CHl/72.
provide a nesting box for chassis
faders, in varying widths as
Unit wid th
Unit width
Unit width
Unit width
Unit width
DD 1981.
Splicing Bench. Consists of Dexion frame with blockboard
and Formica top. Used by operator to re-makes plices in
reclaimed tape. Dexion frame with blockboard and Formica
top l220mm x 610mm x 737mm. Parent equipment EP1/17. DD
1977. DDMI 7.445(80).
Recorder Stand.
UN23M/82 control
533mm x 673mm.
Mounting stand for RD4/12 also houses
unit and PS3/59. Dexion frame 36 8mm x
Parent equipment EP1/17. DD 1977. DDMI
Bay Framework. As FW2/5, but metric version. ED 1978.
Equipment Bay. The preferred bay for mounting all types of
BBC or commercial design which uses stand ard 483mm (19
inch) panels. The bay is formed of aluminium extrusions
and is normally issued as a kit for assem bly on site. The
bay depth is indicated by the suffix letter A = 6l0mm, B =
52lmm, C = 457mm, D = 305mm and ver sions A-D have a common
height of 2l33mm. Version S can be supplied in any height
required between 660mm and 21 33mm and any depth up to
6l0mm as ordered. A range of doors, side and top covers,
lacing bars and other bay fit ments are available and full
information is given in "A Guide to Bay Frameworks and
Ancillary Fitments" edition 11.
No power requirements.
Supersedes FW2/4. ED 1980.
Equipment Bay.
As FW1/15 but depth of Bay
800mm. ED
Double Equipment Bay. This is a double width bay which is
mechanically equivalent to two FW1/15 bays bolted side by
side. It exists in the same range as the FW1/15 and is
similarly stocked in kit form. It uses the same range of
accessories as the FW1/15 bay and is intended to be used on
those occasions where two bays ar e permantly joined