FW010017 FW1/17
FW010019 FWl/19
FW010020 FW1/20
together and the equipment they carry is cross wired. No
power requirements. Supersedes FW2/4. ED 1980.
Loudspeaker Amplifier Framework.
Amplifier type AM8/17 on to a
AM8/17. DD 1982.
To mount one Loudspeaker
loudspeaker. Sub-unit
Loudspeaker Universal Mounting Framework. Universal
mounting frame to allow LSS/9 loudspeaker to be hung from
ceiling, fixed to wall or fixed to desk etc. Consist of
'u' shaped bracket which pivots at the centre of the
cabinet sides with a friction device to hold the cabinet at
a particular angle. DD 1984.
Loudspeaker Mounting Framework. Stirrup mount for LSS/9
Loudspeaker, similar to FW1/19 but with one-piece 'u'
Simpler construction but offering less
lateral stability than the FW1/19. Uses same fixing as
FW1/19 for attachment to loudspeaker. Parent equipment
LSS/9. ED 1984.