GE010593 GE1/593
GE010594 GE1/594
GE010595 GE1/595
GE010596 GE1S/596
GE010597 GE1M/597
GE010598 GE1/598
2Tc Chrominance and Luminance Pulse and Bar;
5-step Staircase (all lines and CCIR variations);
Black Level, Line Duration White Bar;
20 second Square Wave;
50Hz Square Wave;
PO Line No. 8 Type.
Power requirements +15V, -15V, +8V all unregulated.
CH1/65D. Parent equipment GE4M/561. DD 1979. DDMI
Test Signal Trigger Generator. Similar to GE1S/591A but
for Transmitter Group requirements it provides providing
trigger pulses and drive signals for streak test waveform
instead of single phase colour bars. Power requirements
+15 V, +8 V, -15 V all unregulated. CH1/65D. DD 1985.
Multipulse Trigger Generator. Produces trigger pulses and
mixed syncs for driving the GE6/537 Multipulse Waveform
Generator. Contains its own supply regulator requiring +8V
unregulated. CH1/65A. DD 1977.
Cue Dot Generator.
cue dot insertion.
Output: key 0.7V p-p
requirements mains.
DDHB 8.355(79). EDI
Generates key and infill signals for
Requires video or mixed-sync input.
and -2V peak, video 0.7V p-p. Power
CH1/64A. DD 1978. DDM I 8.601(79).
Waveform Generator. Part of SE3L/505. Generates line and
field sawtooth and triangular waveforms, trigger pulses and
blanking pulses. 4U unsupported J width printed circuit
board with panel. Parent equipment SE3L/505. DD 1979.
DDMI 8.615(79).
A.G.C. Sample, Trigger Output and Timing Generator. Under
microprocessor control this provides appropriately times
A.G.C. sample pulses for the UN23/676 and a trigger pulse
for an external waveform monitor. It also provides timing
pulses for LT.S. and noise measurements. It is driven
from the UN16/540 for which it performs address decoding.
Power requirements +5V, +12V, -12V. BMM 4U card. Parent
equipment ME3M/502. DD 1980.
Network Clock Generator. This equipment produces a Network
Logo and an Analogue Clock Display for use in television
presentation. By using electronic pattern generation
techniques it replaces the cameras, slide scanners and
mechanical clocks which were previously required. Inputs
required are standard mixed blanking and synchronising
pulses, a Gent time reference signal (optional) and a logo-
selection signal for remote control. Outputs are 0.7V p-p
RGB plus a composite monochrome output. Power requirements
240V a.c. mains, 76 VA max. PN3/54 with PN3A/55 rear
panel, bay mounting. Sub-units UN3/66, GE6/544, UN26/549,
GE6/545, PS4/3, UN26/31, UN23/674, AM23/520, UN27/1 DD
1980. EDI10429 (1) SEPT 81. DDHB 2.486(83).
Address Generator. Address Generator and Multiplexer for
addressing a television picture store organised as two
halves, A and B, of two fields, Wand X. Accepts read and
write line labels with line trigger pulses and address