EQ030034 EQ3/34
EQ030035 EQ3/35
EQ030036 EQ3/36
EQ030037 EQ3/37
EQ030038 EQ3M/38
EQ030039 EQ3/39
EQ030040 EQ3/40
EQ030041 EQ3/41
EQ040001 EQ4/1
EQ040507 EQ4/507
250j..Ls into either side of a stereo pair. The unit is
passive and provides delay in 17j..Ls steps. CH1/65B. DD
O.B. Lie Equaliser for local lines not exceeding 16 Km in
length. Simple resonant type with a choice of two
inductance-capacitance ratios and a fixed frequency of
10 KHz. Loss and damping are adjustable by potentiometers
on the front panel. CH1/65A. DD 1976. DDHB 6.180(80).
DDMI 6.309 (77).
Dispersion Equaliser. This unit may be pre-wired to
compensate for the dispersion introduced by up to 25
repeater amplifiers. The unit will be supplied unequipped
so that components with values suitable for the line to be
equalised may be inserted. CH1/65B. Parent equipment
EP1M/23. DD 1978. DDMI 6.334(78).
Audio Delay Equaliser. Contains filters nad delay to match
coder monitor to main coder path. Used with C08/4A. IMHOF
4 CDX. Parent equipment PA1/4. DD 1979.
Temporary Circuit Equaliser. A switchab1e Equaliser
replaces and Equaliser mounted in a CH2/3 for the period
when BT supply a temporary circuit to a Transmitter site or
Studio Centre.
Parent equipment PA1M/86.
OB Audio Amplitude Equaliser. For use with outside
broadcast lines. The amplitude equaliser settings are
controlled locally or remotely. The main frame contains a
set of equalisers. Power requirements mains. PN3/58.
Sub-unis 2 off EQ3/39, 2 off EQ3/40, 2 off EQ3/41, 2 off
FL1/54, 2 off UN23/161, 1 off PS2/293. DD 1983.
Low Frequencies Equaliser. Correction of the low frequency
part of the audio spectrum. Power requirements !15 V. 3U
unsupported card. Parent equipment EQ3M/38. DD 1983.
Mid Frequencies Equaliser.
frequency part of the audio
!15 V. 3U unsupported card.
Correction of the middle
spectrum. Power requirements
Parent equipment EQ3/38. DD
High Frequencies Equaliser. Correction of the high
frequency part of the audio spectrum. Power requirements
!15 V. Parent equipment EQ3M/38. DD 1983.
Band 11 Phase Equaliser. Phase equaliser for use in
Band 11 transmitter amp1ifeirs. Input frequency range 87.5
MHz. Phase control range is 180. Insertion loss is 0 dB
nominal. The device may be used to manually correct phase
inequalities or may be part of an APC loop. Power
requirements 12-15 V at 500 mA. BMM 4U printed coard. DD
1978. DDMI 5.388(80).
UHF Equaliser. A frequency/amplitude equaliser designed
for use on transposer installation to correct for receive
aerial multipath effects. Power requirements None.