GE040019 GE4SM/19
GE040020 GE4S/20
GE040021 GE4/21
GE040022 GE4/22
GE040561 GE4M/561
digital links. Power requirements 240 V a.c. Eddystone
Box 188 x 120 x 81 mm. DD 1985. DDTM 5.180(85).
Component Coding Test Signal Generator. This generator
provides Y, U and V test signal outputs, each with 10-bit
resolution in component format. It can generate up to 16
different sets of test waveforms. Synchronisation can be
internal or external. Power requirements 240 Vac. 3 U
crate PN3/58. DD 1985.
6 bit CRC Word Generator. To generate a cyclic redundancy
check (CRC) word of 6 bits. To be incorporated into each
frame of the 8448 kbit/s bitstream for PCM distribution.
Power requirements +5 V, -10V. PCB: 5" x 2.5". Parent
equipment: Plessey 2nd order multiplexer. DD(6) 1985.
Sequence Generator and External Data Interface. This
interface unit is for use in the Digital Stereo Sound with
Terrestrial Television Modulator. The unit will either
generate 728kbit/sec test data and associated 728 kHz
data-clock, which is then passed to the modulator, or act
as interface buffer between an external source (728kbit/sec
coder) of 728kbit/sec data and clock, and the modulator.
The test data generated can take the form of either a 215_1
pseudo-random binary sequence, or a repeated 16-bit data
sequence defined by switches on the front panel of the
unit. Power requirements +5 V. 4u unsupported p.c.b with
PN1/29J front panel. Chassis extender CH4/5. Parent
equipment MD4SM/6. RD 1987.
Stereo Line-up Test Generator. This unit is a stereo line-
up sequence generator, to be patched into the programme
output of a sound desk providing a stereo feed. It
provides, by means of timed gaps in conjunction with normal
line-up tone, a means of rapidly identifying the 'A' & 'B'
legs of the feed and their relative polarities. Power
requirements 12-24Vdc. D&ED (A) 1987.
Television Test Signal Generator. Generates standard and
special television test signals for measuring linear and
non-linear distortions. Waveforms can be generated with
line repetetive syncs, or mixed sync with or without ITS
waveforms. The internal s.p.g. can be locked to external
syncs and subcarrier. Waveforms can be selected by front
panel push-buttons or remote control. Options are
available to establish the correct subcarrier to line
frequency relationship, to provide programmable automatic
waveform sequencing and various additional waveforms.
Refer to DSK2l227A4 (GE4M/56l Option Table) and DSK2l228A3
(GE4M/56l Option Selection Tree) and th en the sub-unit
descriptions for details of the option facilities provided.
Power requirements 240V a.c. PN3/5 5. Supersedes GE2/527,
GE2M/547, GE2M/559 and GE4M/520. Principal sub-units
9.257(79). DDHB 9.164(81). EDI l0379(1)MAY80.
Portable Television Test Signal Generator. Transportable
version of GE4M/56l. Carrying case CS2/26. DD 1979. DDMI
9.257(79). EDI l0379(l)MAY80.