GE040573 GE4/573
GE040574 GE4/574
GE040575 GE4SM/575
GE040576 GE4/576
GE040577 GE4/577
GE050508 GE5L/508
GE050509 GE5/509
GE050510 GE5/510A
U-V erasable Prom. Operates on 625, 525 or "Digiscan"
(21kHz) line frequencies. Outputs at 0.7 and 2.4v into
"A" Version
Derives "Digiscan" line frequency from 625/525 line
frequency. Power requirements AC mains. CHl/64.
Supersedes GE4/509. DD 1981. DDHB 9.189(83). DDMI
9.295(83). DDMI 9.295(83). DDHB 9.189(83). DDMI 9.295(83).
EDI 10492(I)AUG 85.
ENG Line-up Test Generator. Description as the experi-
mental GE4M/564. GE4M/564 sub-unit, GE6/537 contains
obsolete components. Power requirements 240V AC. PN3/55.
Supersedes GE4M/564. Sub-units GE6/558, OS2/52, UN21!40.
DD 1982.
SIS Decoder Line-up Generator. Generates a line-sync and
black level waveform with encoded sound-in-syncs. Used to
line-up the audio channel of a SIS decode and the shift-
pulse generator. Twelve outputs are selectable by a front
panel switch and are programmable by the use of EPROM' s.
Power requirements AC 240V mains. 220mm x 156mm x 100mm RS
509-276. DD 1983.
Ins tion Test Signal Generator & Inserter. Generates
insertion test signals and inserts them into a video signal
for transmission. Also provides a separate output of full
field test signals. Power requirements 240 V a.c. PN3/55.
Supersedes GE4M/556. DD 1984.
UHF Test Signal Generator. Test equipment for UHF
t ransmi t ters
three/four tone tester and in combination with ME15/504,
UHF/VHF tracking generator sweeps. Power requirements
240 Vac. Special Box "'19" x 4 U. Supersedes EPI4M/507.
DD 1985.
Monitor Line Up Generator. This unit provides two outputs
of a waveform, selectable either locally or remotely. The
waveforms available are SPLUGE, PLUGE, Step, Grille,
Sawtooth and Lift. A feed of Black and Burst is required.
Power requirements 240Vac. lU chassis. D&ED (V) 1987.
Synchronising Subcarrier and SPG Drive Generator contains
OS2/530 high stability 5MHz oscillator with output to drive
GE6L/535 SPG, and C02/552 subcarrier synthesiser and
UN17 / 52 9
shi fter.
Termina t ion
PN3A/53D. DD 1976. DDMI 1.208(77). DDHB 1.137(77). EDI
Superlock Synchronising Generator to provide monochrome
pulses locked to a video feed to drive caption scanners
etc. Unsupported 4U card. DD 1976.
Motor Control Voltage Generator. This unit supersedes the
GE5/510. The circuit handling the velocity feedback signal
has been re-arranged to give better temperature stability
so that the unit is suitable for use in synchronisers
RD4L/S06 and RD4L/S07 when used to control a JVC U-matic