GE050511 GE5/511
GE050512 GE5M/512
GE050514 GE5/514
GE050515 GE5/515
GE050516 GE5/516
GE050517 GE5S/517
GE060508 GE6/508
GE060535 GE6L/535
machine. Power requirements +12V, 80mA, -12V, 70mA. 4U
equipment RD4L/506, RD4L/507, EP10M/501, EP10M/502. DD
Superlock Synchronising Generator. Part of PA18M/529,
supplies three outputs of superlock mixed syncs and mixed
blanking for use in caption equipment. 4u PCB. DD 1977.
Colour Genlock SPG. Accepts 625-line composite colour
video and Natlock line-drop error signals. Provides
appropriately locked outputs of:- Mixed syncs; Line drive;
Mixed blanking; Early line drive; Burst gate; Field
Subcarrier; Four-field reset; lMHz. First used in TV OB v
ehicles CMCR' s 19 to 23. Power requirements 65W at 250V
a.c., IOW at 24V d.c. PN3/54 with PN3A/55 rear termina-
tion panel. Combines GE5L/508 with GE6L/535 and UN3/574 to
give integrated SPG. Sub-units OS2/530, C02/552, UN
17/529, C02/553, GE6/538, GE6/639, AM1/606, UN3/574. SCPD
1977 .
Motor Control Voltage Generator. Converts digital time
difference signals to analogue control voltages for a tape
machine. Designed to replace the C09/502 in the Timecode
tape synchroniser EP1M/532 so that the synchroniser can
control unmodified Studer A80 machine. Power requirements
+5V, +12V, -12V. 5U CDX unsupported card. Supersedes
C09/502. Parent equipment EP1M/532. DD 1979.
O.B. Superlock Generator. This unit is derived from the
GE5/509 and has reduced facilities appropriate to O.B.
requirements. Power requirements +12V +5V. PA20/515.
CH1/64B. DD 1980.
Sync Pulse Generator. Locks to external crystal pulse
feeds or runs on internal crystal oscillator. Provides
outputs of syncs and burst, and various logic pulses for
parent ITS generator. Power requirements +12 V, +5 V,
-12 V. 2U unsupported printed board. Parent equipment
GE4SM/575. DD 1985. MI V.1047(87).
Analogue Sync Pulse Generator. This unit will generate
analogue System I mixed syncs from either the decoded TRS
data of an EBU digital video data stream or the digital
video data stream itself. The facility to adjust the sync
position relative to the output video signal is also
provided. Power requirements +5.0 V and -5.2 V. BBC
Chassis Code: Unsupported 4U card with PN1/29J front panel.
Chassis extender CH4/5. DD (1) 1986. HB V.1021(87).
625 Line Colour Waveform Generator. WITHDRAWN.
Television Waveform Generator. This equipment is a binary
metric modular chassis system replacement for the
GE6L/507. DD 1975. DDTM 1.123. DDMI 1.203(76). DDHB
1.134(77). EDI 10296(1)NOV76.