EQ040508 EQ4/508
~050526 EQ5/526A,B
:Q050544 EQ5/544A,B
EQ050545 EQ5/545
EQ050546 EQ5/546
EQ050547 EQ5/547
EQ050548 EQ5/548
EQ050549 EQ5/549
Diecast box measuring 273 mm x 171 mm x 55 mm. DD 1978.
DDMI 5.359(78).
Cable Carrier Equaliser. This unit is part of the
EP2M/502. It equalises the vision carrier signal that is
in the band 8.5 MHz to 15.5 MHz when used on coaxial cables
of defined characteristics. The equalisation is switched
in 0.75 Km steps. Fine controls are provided for luminance
and chrominance gain. Power requirements +12 V at 50 mA,
-12 V at 50 mA. 2U 'c' width BMM CHl/65C. Parent
equipment EP2M/503. DD 1981.
Tie Line Equaliser electrically similar to EQ5/520 but
mechanically similar to EQ5/525 to provide easier
adjustment of inductors. A = suitable for 45 m PSF1/3
cable (loss of less than 1 dB at 4/43 MHz). B = suitable
for 30-90 m of PSF1/3 (loss of 0.75 dB at 4.43 MHz). DD
1971. DD Spec 8.415. DDTM 8.306. EDI 10119(1)JAN72.
Equaliser for short tie-lines having loss of up to 0.5 dB
at 4.43 MHz. Different versions required for different
cable types, denoted by suffix letter to basic code "A"
version to suit PSF1/2M "B" version to suit PSF1/3M.
Printed circuit board mounted in small diecast box. DD
1976. DDMI 9.230(77).
Tie Line Equaliser similar electrically to the EQ5/544A,
but mounted in 96 mm x 68 mm x 21 mm box, suitable for
mounting on rear of PN3A/41B. DD 1977. DDMI 9.232(77).
Adjustable Video Cable Equaliser for temporary
equalisation of cables for video transmission, e.g. for
outside broadcast purposes. Five controls are provided as
follows: (a) 'Root-frequency correction' variable from
zero to 20 dB of pick-up in 2 dB steps, (b) 2 dB of pick-up
continuously variable, (c) and (d) bar corner corrections
continuously variable, and (e) gain continuously variable
from -3 dB to +3 dB. CH1/64B. DD 1977. DDMI 6.340(78).
DDHB 6.161(78). EDI 10350(1)MAR80.
Video Cable Equaliser. Provision of combined cue light and
routing switch for monitoring purposes in existing coded
equipment EQ5/546. This is a special requirement for Te1
OB's mobile communications area (MCA). SCPD OB 1981.
Video Line Equaliser. Three independent equalisers are
provided. Two are similar to the EQ5/543 Video Line
equalisers and the third is similar to the EQ5/548. The
required components for correction are fitted on
installation. CH1/64J. DD 1977. DDMI 6.343(79).DDHB
6.152(78). EDI 10366(1)SEP 79.
Video Line Equaliser. 4 section T-bridged, mounted on an
AM5/527 or AM5/528. DD 1977. DDMI 6.344(79).
This is a switchab1e unit providing chrominance-1uminance
delay of +100 ns, 0, -100 ns and may be used to pre-
equalise a video signal. Diecast box external dimensions
9S mm x 120 mm x S6 mm. DD 1977. DDMI 9.228(79).