GE060545 GE6S/545
GE060546 GE6/546
GE060547 GE6/547
GE060548 GE6M/548
GE060549 GE6/549
hands of a conventional clock display. Power requirements
+5V at lA maximum. 4U BMM unsupported card with 57-way
double-sided edge connector and PN1/29J panel. Parent
equipment GE1M/597. DD 1980.
Video Display Generator. This unit forms the heart of an
electronic symbol generator using the method to run-length
encoding. It converts a sequence of data bytes,
corresponding to run-length and colour information , into
five binary video signals which can, for example, be used
to select one of 32 different colours to each point in the
picture. The data input format is similar to that used by
the Programme Computer, although a link option allows a
simpler format to be used when a two-bit video output is
adequate. Picture data is read either from an on-card
2Kbyte EPROM, from an external PROM card or by DMA from a
microcomputer memory. The unit is compatible with the
Designs Department 280 bus. Feeds of mixed syncs and mixed
blanking are needed.
requirements +5V at 1.7A
maximum. 4U unsupported card with 57-way double-sided edge
connector and PN1/29J. DD 1980.
Black Level and Burst Generator. Generates composite black
level with colour burst from mixed syncs, Burst Gate and
Colour Subcarrier. Power requirements mains. CH1/64A.
Supersedes GE6/504. DD 1980.
Black Level and Burst Generator. Generates a composite
Black waveform including the synchronising burst, to System
I Spec. Input requirements are mixed syncs, burst gate,
and colour subcarrier. Two outputs at 75Q are provided.
Includes Termination Panel PA20/519. Mains power required.
CH1/64A. Supersedes GE6/504. DD 1980. DDMI 8.626(80).
EDI 10414(1)AUG81.
Digitally Originated Graphics Generator. The equipment
generates symbols which have been programmed into EPROMs
contained within the unit. The input signal requirement is
composite video or mixed syncs and the equipment will
provide an output of either RGB or the symbol inserted into
the video signal, together with an output of the symbol
only. According to the storage requirement of the symbol,
a number of
symbols may be
selected remotely.
requirements 240 Vac. 1 U high full width chassis. Sub-
units GE6/552, UN26/557. DD 1981.
Digitally Originated Graphics Generator.
mechanically identical to the GE6M/548 but is fitted with
the UN26/557A instead of the UN26/557 so as to enable
precise colour matching of the RGB outputs to another video
source. Power requirements 240 V ac t10%. 1 U high full
width chassis. Sub-units GE6/552, UN26/557A, GE6/553,
UN26/564. DD 1982.
Soft Edge Key Generator. Accepts video and mixed-sync
signals and soft-clips the video to generate a key signal.
Has provision for an additional masking signal input to
mask off unwanted key areas. Power requirements +12V, -6v
(from SE3/506). 4U, J-width pcb with panel and 32-way G06