GE060550 GE6S/550
GE06055l GE6S/55l
GE060552 GE6/552
GE060553 GE6/553
GE060554 GE6/554
GE060555 GE6M/555
connector. Supersedes GE2/604. Parent equipment SE3L/507.
DD 1981.
Teletext Test Signal Generator. This unit will generate a
teletext test waveform consisting of a pseudo-random
sequence of teletext data encompassing all possible
combinations of bit sequences. This waveform will be
inserted on to part of line 20 of a standard 625 line
video. Power requirements :!:15V d.c. CHl/65A. Parent
equipment GE4M/569. DD 1981. DDMI 9.299(83).
Multipulse Waveform Generator. Generates a multipulse
waveform consisting of ten 20T modulated pulses with
carrier frequencies of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5,
4.0, 4.5, 5.0MHz and on every tenth line a pulse and bar
waveform with 1.44T shaping. Also generates a line rate
frequency sweep from 0.5 to 5.0MHz. On internal lock the
sync pulses on the output are line repetitive, but on
external lock the output sync pulses take the form of the
external pulses. Power requirements +12V, +5V, -12V.
CHl/65C. Parent equipment GE4M/569. DD 1980.
Run Length Video Generator. This unit generates a video
signal from run length encoded data stored in on-card
'EPROMS' . The maximum on-card storage is l6K Bytes
according to how many and what type of 'EPROMS' are fitted
into the plug-in sockets provided. Inputs and drive
outputs are provided so that the internal memory can be
increased by the addition of an external unit. An optional
plug-in card GE6/553 is available to enable the symbol to
be remotely positioned within the displayed raster. Input
signals of inverted TTL mixed syncs and mixed blanking are
required. Power requirements +5V :!:0.25V at lA approx. 4U
BMM unsupported card. Parent equipment GE6M/ 548. Sub-
units GE6/553. DD 1981. DDMI 8.635(82).
Video Waveform Generator. This unit generates the
necessary waveforms which can delay the outputs from the
'Run Length Video Generator' GE6/552 in the line and field
directions. The delays are linearly variable and a remote
joystick may be used to position the generated symbol
anywhere in the displayed raster. This unit plugs into the
sockets provided on the GE6/552. Power requirements +5V
:!:0.25V. Card size 92 x 64mm. Parent equipment GE6/552.
DD 1981. DDMI 8.633(82).
Two Colour Video Generator. Converts a 5V TTL logic signal
into a two colour RGB video signal. Requires feed of TTL
mixed blanking pulses. Provides two independent video
Selection via pcb mounted switches. Power requirements
+12v at l50mA, -5.25 at 90mA, +5.25v at 300mA. 4U
unsupported BMM card. Parent equipment GE6M/555. DD 1981.
Open University Symbol Generator. All solid state version
of Open University rotating symbol and caption. It is a
microprocessor-based equipment producing a two colour,
synthsised video output. Animation in both directions by
remote/local switch. Power requirements mains. PN3/54.