GE060561 GE6M/561
GE060562 GE6SP/562
GE060563 GE6/563
GE060564 GE6M/564
GE060565 GE6SM/565
GE060566 GE6/566
GE060567 GE6S/567
mains. CHl/64A. Sub-unit UN26/594.
PA20/505. DD 1983.
Termination Panel
Breakfast Analogue Time Generator. Generates analogue
clock face, together with minute and hour hands, as key
signal. Animates hands in accordance with received
timecode signal, and provides back-up timekeeping derived
from reference T.V. pulse chain in event of timecode
failure. Power requirements 240 V ac 50 Hz. PN3/54. Sub-
units UN26/31, 2 x UN27/1, GE6/544, GE6/545, UN26/587.
UN26/60, GE6/556, CD2/513, CD2/514, PS4/9A, PS2/187H. DD
1983. DDHB 8.414(84). DDHB 8.414(84).
Streak Test Waveform Generator. This unit generates a
streak test waveform of 7 horizontal white bars of varying
length from 0.5 to 32 us, or a 50 Hz waveform. These
signals can be changed by re-programming a PROM. The unit
is portable and contains an internal S.P.G which can also
be externally locked to either mixed syncs or video. It
has two 75 Q outputs and a trigger output for
oscilloscopes. Power requirements mains. CHl/64A in a
CS2/25A Carrying Case. DD 1983. DDMI8.654(84). DDHB
8.423(84). EDI 10514(I)JUN 85.
Colour Synthesizer. Unit converts a four bit binary coded
TTL signal into a sixteen colour RGB video signal. The
colour data is loaded by interface with a microprocessor.
Provides two independent RGB feeds and also a TTL to video
key amplifier.
Video paths include 3.6 MHz low pass
unsupported J width. DD 1983.
Digital Picture Store. The digital picture store will
store a complete television picture on 27128 proms.
Outputs are provided in composite PAL analogue YUV and
digital YUV. Power requirements 240 V ac. PN3/54 4U
19" rack. Sub-units CD2L/522B x 1, PS4/18A x 2,
UN27S/22A x 2, UN27S/22B x 1, UN27S/22C x 1, UN23S/149 x 1,
C09/506 x 3, GE7/506 x 1. DD 1983. EDI 10510(1)JUL 85.
DDHB 8.434(85).
O.W.L. BBCl Symbol Generator. To generate the animated
BBC 1 symbol. To be known as O.W.L. (Open World Logo).
Different versions will have specialised Regional
Identification. Power requirements estimated 240V ac,
1.5A. 8U rack (estimate). Sub-units UN27S/26, UN23S/165,
CD3/47, UN26/64, UN26/65, GE7/506, 3 x C09/509. DD 1984.
DDHB 8.422(84).
Patch Generator. Generates a cursor of variable size which
is overlaid on a TV picture. The cursor position and size
is determined by a 9600 baud serial data input. This unit
forms part of the Cinemascope Data Preportion Equipment.
requirements +5
600 mA;
:1:12 V,
200 mA.
equipment EPlS/553.
DDMI 7.546(86).
Luminance and Chrominance Waveforms Generator. Provides
separate outputs of luminance and chrominance components of