GE060568 GE6S/568
GE060569 GE6/569
GE060570 GE6M/570
GE060571 GE6SM/571
GE060572 GE6S/572
GE070002 GE7/2
GE070004 GE7/4
CE070005 CE7/5
test waveforms. Waveforms generated digitally and selected
externally. Power requirements +12 V, +5 V, -5 V, -12 V.
Dual 2U unsupported printed board. Parent equipment
GE4SM/575. DD 1985.
Video Waveform and Pattern Generator. Generates a range of
video waveforms and test patterns according to the
PROMs fitted. It includes an SPG which will run on an
internal reference, or lock to external syncs or mains
frequency. Power requirements +15 V, +8 V, -15 V, -8 V
unregulated. CH1/65C. DD 1985.
Syncs and Burst Waveform Generator. A sub-unit in the
GE4SM/575 ITS generator, it produces the syncs and burst
waveform when driven by subcarrier, syncs, burst gate and
PAL square wave. Power requirements +12 V, +5 V, -5 V,
CH4/9. DD 1985. MI V.1049(87).
BBC 2 Symbol Generator. Power Requirements 240 Vac at
approx. 1.5 A. 9 U high rack. Sub-units PS4/11, GE7/509,
C09/509, AM23/521D, UN23S/178, UN23S/179, UN27S/76. DD(8)
Graphics Generator. This equipment generates a video
signal from run-length data stored in EPROMS within the
unit. Up to 16 symbols can be stored, depending on the
complexity of the symbols. Power requirements 240 V ac.
Chassis: 2 U full-width panel. Sub-units: C09/512,
GE6S/572, GE7/513, UN23/184, UN27S/28. D & ED(V) 1986. HB
Key Channel Generator. Stores picture information in run-
length coded form in EPROMs and produces data at pixel rate
from the information stored in the EPROMs for a single
requires control
from the
UN27S/28 and the UN23/184. Power requirements +5 V, +12 V,
5 V, 12 V. Chassis: 4 U unsupported PCB. Chassis extender
CH4/5. Parent equipment GE6SM/571. D & ED(V) 1986.
Waveform Generator used on CMCR EMX system.
19lmm card with 40 + 40 way edge connector.
ISEP 3U high x
SCPD 1977.
Timing Generator to generate timing pulses and store
addresses controlling character generation for Apology
Caption Generator. Power requirements 5V d.c. CH1/64.
Parent equipment GE8M/1. DD 1978.
Timing Generator. This unit is a modified version of the
GE7/4 and is used to provide the necessary timing pulses
for the GE8M/1 Apology Caption Generator. It will provide
a greater spacing between the caption rows than the GE7/4,
but with a reduced number of rows displayed. Power
requirements +5V d.c. 4U BMM unsupported card. Parent
equipment GE8M/1 and GE8M/504. DD 1980.
Timing Pulse Generator. Derives timing pulses to drive
Monitoring and Information Centre VDU's from separated
field and line triggers. Power requirements 5V d.c.
CH1/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/S, UN12M/6. DD 1978 .