GE070020 GE7/20
GE070021 GE7/21
GE070022 GE7S/22
GE070023 GE7~/23
GE070024 GE7/24
GE070S01 GE7L/S01
GE070S02 GE7/S02
GE070S03 GE7/S03
GE070S0S GE7/S0S
Routing and Control Generator. Card to provide digital
routing and control of signals used in special wipe
patterns - e.g Clock Wipes. With GE7/18 and GE7/19 it
makes up a wipe pattern generator. 6 U triple-depth
Digital Audio Signal Generator. To provide test waveforms
for digital audio equipment using AES/EBU digital audio
interface signal. Power requirements: 240 V a. c. Non
standard chassis. DD(3) 1986.
Digital Video Test Pattern Generator. This card is used in
the digital mixer EPSM/S24 and provides a variety of 1ine-
repetitive digital video signals including sawtooth and
colour bars. Line and field start timing signals are
received from the parent equipment and two 12-bit signals
and mu1tip1exed
requirements +S V. PCB 6 U. Parent equipment EPSM/S24.
DD(8) 1986.
External User-Bit Generator. Intended to connect to the
rear of the C04S/S18 VITC converter in order to provide an
input of external user-bits. Chassis dimensions Die-cast
box 7S mm x 120 mm x 40 mm. D & ED (C) 1986.
AES/EBU Bitstream Regenerator. Equipment to regenerate
AES/EBU 48 kHz sampling digital audio bitstream. Several
synchronous bitstreams can be regenerated using more
C010S/12 and COllS/6 units. Power requirements 240 V ac.
Chassis dimensions MP2/34. Sub-units C010S/12, COllS/6,
PS4/18A. D & ED (A) 1986.
Timecode Generator to generate SMPTE time code locked to
station pulses or slaved to an external timecode. The time
can be set to time of day or any other time using front
panel controls.
Power requirements 240V a.c.
PN3A/S3B. Sub units CD3/S30, CD2/S17, UN3/S7S. Supersedes
GE1M/S77. DD 1978. DDMI 7.417(79). DDHB 7.2S4(79). EDI
Teletext Clock Regenerator. This unit regenerates teletext
clock pulses from an input feed of separated teletext
video. Power requirements +12V, +SV, -12V. CH1/12A. DD
Digi tal Converter Clock Genera tor to
waveforms loaded to the synchronising
appropriate video. Power requirements tSV
DD 1978.
provide clock
pulses of the
H2V. CH1/64A.
RAM Control Signal Generator. RAM control signal
generator, for use with UN27/S04 picture store board to
generate 16k RAM control signals. Control of basic store
functions is via connections to a control bus. Coding
Positions: 1, 43, SI. Power requirements +SV, 800mA. 4U
BMM unsupported card. Parent equipment Electronic Stills
Store, PA1M/S80. RD 1981.