GE070506 GE7/506
GE070507 GE7/507
GE070509 GE7/509
GE070510 GE7S/510
GE070511 GE7/511
GE070512 GE7/512
GE070513 GE7/513
GE080001 GE8M/1
Clock Pulse Generator. Generates TTL or balanced clock
pulses at a frequency of 864 x line frequency (13. 5MHz).
Also produces Mixed syncs, line trigger, field trigger (TTL
levels), and Line Start and Field Start pulses related to
clocks. Requires an input of composite video or syncs.
Power requirements :t12V, +5V -5V (if balanced O/p used).
CH1/64J. DD 1981. DDMI 1.252(82). DDHB 1.165(82).
Clock Pulse Generator. Provides a 4 FSC logic clock
pulses. Used in conjunction with GE2/627A to form a
digital phase lock system. The unit forms part of the 68
Mbits sub-Nyquist PAL system. CH1/64A. DD 1982. DDHB
1.174(83). DDHB 1.194(85).
Digital TV Clock Generator. Provides 27 MHz pulses clock
locked to an input of mixed syncs. Also produces digital
line, field and mixed blanking and Timing Reference
signals. Power requirements :t5V, :t12V. CH1/64A. DD 1983.
DDMI 1.262(85). DDHB 1.194(85). EDI 10516(1) DEC 85.
Subcarrier Phase Generator. When driven by a 13.5 MHz
clock, this unit will generate a digital representation of
the phase of PAL colour subcarrier at each sample point. A
control input allows the line by line "frequency" to be
changed to facilate burst locking. Power requirements
(approximately) +5 V, 2 A, -5 V, 0.1 A. 4 U unsupported
PCB, with 57-way double-sided edge connector. Parent
equipment. DD 1985.
standards converter at ei ther
Power requirements +24V :t5V.
equipment C06/510. DD 1984.
clocks required by ACE
525 or 625 line standard.
Supersedes GE7 / 503. Parent
Video Watermarking Generator. Generates video watermarking
signal by combining network identification information
along with clock data provided by M.S.F. Clock Decoder
C04/30. Power requirements: 240 V a.c. Termination Panel:
PA20/538. BBC Chassis Code: CH1/12B. RD 1986.
Clock Generator. Produces 27 MHz and 13.5 MHz clock pulses
locked to mixed syncs. Line start, field start and
odd/even field signals are also produced. Power
requirements: -5 V, +12 V, -5 V, -12 V. 4 U unsupported
pcb. Chassis extender CH4/5. Parent equipment: GE6SM/571.
D & ED (V) 1986.
Apology Caption Generator. Converts apology captions for
radiation from television transmitters. Remote control may
be exercised via the LC.E. system. Requires EP1M/549 to
insert caption into video waveform. Power requirements
240V a.c. A and B Mains. PN3/54. Sub units GE7/4, GE8/2,
PS2/227, SE5/1, UN26/9, UN27/2. DD 1978.
containing additional sub-units for use at
transmitter. Power requirements 240V a.c.
Sub-units PS2/238,
UN27 /2,
SE5/1 and GEl/IS. DD 1980.
GE8M/1, but
Kirk o'Shotts
50Hz. 4U BMM
GE8/2, GE7/4,