GE080002 GE8/2
GE080003 GE8/3
GE080004 GE8/4
GE080005 GE8/5
GE080006 GE8/6A»B
GE080501 GE8/S01
GE080S02 GE8/S02
Character Generator. Storage unit holding information
about the shaping of characters used in the Apology
Caption Generator. Information is held in erasable PROM's
so that font may be readily changed. Power requirements
:t5V» +12V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment GE8M/1. DD
Character Generator. Defines character shaping
Monitoring and Information Centre VDU's.
requirements 5V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
UN12M/6. DD 1978.
used for
Character Generator. This unit generates a 625/50
monochrome video signal showing a 40 x 24 (te1etext-typ e)
character display. No store is incorporated» this being
provided normally by pre-programmed page stores in ROM on
the UN27 /9. Power requirements +9V at 900mA. CDX 3U J
card (G06). Parent equipment MN8M/1. DD 1978.
Character Generator. "Electronic Blackboard" apparatus
allowing up to seven pages of 50 characters by 20 rows to
be displayed sequentia11y on standard picture monitors.
Keyboard input» with editing and remote display VDU
outputs. Remote video output is band limited to 5.5MHz to
facilitate modulation onto an RF distribution system.
Power requirements 240v ac mains. CS2/2SC. Sub-units
UN26/31, GE8/S05 (2 offL UN23/130» UN27 /12» PS4/9A. DD
1981. EDI 10430 (1) SEPT 81.
Indent and Countdown Generator. Derives and superimposes
ident caption on Video tape output when machine is station-
ary and a countdown sequence during run-up. Internal
switching permits selection of idents stored on EPROM and
also allows countdown to start at any number between IS and
3. Automatic blanking of generator outputs occurs after 3.
Power requirements 5V DC. CH1/65J. Open University 1982.
16 Character Generator. A 16 character wide upper case
alphabetic, and numeric indicator with programmed legends
in eprom. Selected legends can be over-written from an
external keyboard» for day-to-day changes.
Version A 64 legend in eprom.
Version B 256 legend in eprom.
Power requirements Version A» IS volts 1 Amp. Version
240 volts AC. 4.65cm (H) x 21.6cm (W) x 19cm (D). SCPD
CharacteriGenerator. Unit gives a 62S line interlaced
display of 80 x 24 ACSII characters stores in a UN1/176
Random Access Memory. It is intended to be used wi th
microprocessor systems on a standard backp1ane. Power
requirements +SV» O.SA, :t12V, 10mA. CH1/64J» 57-way D.S.
edge connector. DD 1977.
Timecode Video Display. Takes in VTR time code as a
parallel positive logic input» and generates a 5 x 7 dot
matrix display which is inserted into a video waveform.
Power requirements :t12V. 4u unsupported card. Parent
equipment CD3M/53S. DD 1978. DDMI 7.414(79). DDHB