GE080507 GE8/507
GE080508 GE8M/508
GE080509 GE8/509
GE080510 GE8/510
GE080511 GE8L/511
GE8M/504. Sub-units UN26/32, UN27/12, UN3/7l, GE8/2,
GE7/4, UN26/553, PS4/9, PS2/187G. DD 1981.
Vidiprint Caption Generator. This equipment is a variation
of the basic Vidiprint GE8M/506. The characters displayed
on the video monitor are without a background picture. The
necessary syncs being produced internally by the UN12/512.
See general description under GE8M/506. Power requirements
240V AC mains.
Sub-units UN26/32, UN27/12,
UN3/71, GE8/2, GE7/4. DD 1981.
Character Generator. This unit is used with a GE6/545
graphics generator to make a VTR Countdown Generator. It
has a video output which consists of a large seven-segment
display; this counts down from "10" to "0" at 1Hz. Below
the numeric display is an identification caption which is
customised for each application. The video output is at
high impedance suitable for a "T" connection to a 75 ohm
video circuit. A VTR start control signal is produced at
-3 seconds. Power requirements +5V. 4U BMM unsupported
card with 57-way double-sided edge connector and PN1/29J
panel. DD 1981.
Test Card F Caption Generator. This unit receives a clean
feed of Test Card F from GE6M/559. It produces three
separate output, each with separate caption and count down
timer. Each timer can be controlled locally or remotely.
Power requirements 240V a.c. mains. PN3/54. Sub-units
UN23/149, UN23/158, C09/505, UN23/690, UN26/22, MX5/503.
DD 1982. DDHB 8.388(83).
Programmable Ident Generator. One chassis containing eight
programmable alphanumeric captions for identifying vision
circuits. The unit generates eight 128 x 16 dot matrix
captions, anyone of which may be inserted into the video
waveform. Power requirements 240 volts AC. CH1/64A.
Communications & Engineering Services, Projects Department
Graphic Display Generator. This unit is a general purpose
high resolution graphic display controller for general
applications and interfaces with any 280 based system with
additional decoding. It incorporates 32 kbytes of dynamic
RAM accessible through an on-board graphic display
processor and generates a 512 x 512 pixel display. The
unit requires mixed syncs and black and burst and provides
a synchronised composite video output. Power requirements
+12 V, -12 V, +5 V. CH1/64A. C&ES 1983.
Electronic V.T. Clock Generator. This unit generates a
synchronised high resolution display of a V. T. R. leader
clock. The user may enter programme number, title, tx
date, episode and V.T. number from a remote keyboard. It
may be run from 45, 30 or 15 seconds and automatically
gates in tone between -20 and -10 seconds, "bongs" between
-10 and -3 seconds and cuts itself to black at -3 seconds.
When not in use the unit may also be configured as a single
page electronic notepad for storing edit times spool
numbers etc. The unit requires mixed syncs, black and
burst and 0 dB tone. Power requirements 240 Vac. 3 x
CH1/64A. Sub-units GE8/510, UN26S/61 280A Micro. unit,
PS4/27 Switched mode psu. C&ES 1983.