LS010008 LS1/8
LS010009 LSl/9
LS010010 LS1L/10
LS010011 LS1/11
LS020001 LS2/1A
LS020008 LS2/8
LS020009 LS2/9
LS020010 LS2/10
LS020011 LS2/11
LS020012 LS2/12
General Purpose Loudspeaker (Keith Monks) with integral
mains operated amplifier for office listening,
identification content listening and similar applications
for which low quality reproduction is adequate. Provided
with balanced input connection via P.O. jack and volume
control. Wooden cabinet dimensions 380mm high x 222mm
wide x 245mm deep. 240V a.c. mains. Supersedes LSl/7.
SCPD 1977.
General Purpose Loudspeaker O.B. As LS1/8 but audio input
via XLR and mains via XLR/LNE. Provision for battery
operation 12/24V via 4-pin XLR. Radio O&M Services 1980.
Loudspeaker Assembly. Baffle assembly mounting Loudspeaker
LS2/12, LS2/13, filter FL6/32. Also grill assembly.
Required for:
1. Together with cabinet CT4/10A, to produce
2. To convert Loudspeaker LS3/4B to LS3/4C.
Parent equipment LS3/4C. Sub-units FL6/32. DD 1981. DDMI
General Purpose Loudspeaker. General purpose loudspeaker
manufactured by Keith Monks for office listening
applications for which. low quality reproduction is
adequate. Balanced input via P.O. jack. Supplied with
captive mains lead and combined mains on/off switch and
volume control. Wooden cabinet:
375 mm (H.) x 222 (W.) x 246 (D.)
Radio Engineering Services Report R441 refers. Power
requirements 240 V a.c., 100 mA. Radio Engineering
Services 1984.
300mm Loudspeaker Unit.
Loudspeaker except with
capability. DD 1977.
Similar to
existing LS2/1
power handling
High Frequency Loudspeaker Unit.
Tweeter with Sonaudax protective
fication LS2/8. DD 1977.
cover to
BBC Speci-
Unmounted 300mm Loudspeaker. 300mm polypropylene
loudspeaker (unmounted) for use in loudspeaker LS5/8. P
ower requirements <IOOW Programme. Parent equipment LS5/8.
RD 1979.
34mm Unmounted Loudspeaker.
Audax type HD13D34H for use
requirements <18W Programme.
34mm soft dome tweeter, Son-
in LSS/8 loudspeaker. Power
Parent equipment LS5/8. RD
Unmounted 300mm Loudspeaker. 300mm polypropylene coned
loudspeaker (unmounted) of BBC manufacture. For use in
loudspeaker LS5/8. To be equivalent to LS2/9. Power
requirements <lOOW Programme. Parent equipment LSS/8.
RD 1979.
34mm Unmounted Loudspeaker. Son Audax HD 13-D34H tweeter
unit fitted with Son Audax protective woven wire grille.