requirements +12V -120 mA, -12V -150 mA. CH1/64A. Parent
equipment EQ5L/552. DD 1978. DDMI 6.339(78).
EQ5/555A HF Equaliser. Provision of combined cue light ad routing
switch for monitoring purposes in existing coded equipment
EQ5/555. This is a special requirement for Tel OB's mobile
communications area (MCA). SCPD OB 1981.
EQ050556 EQ5/556
Transmitter Drive Equaliser. Video equaliser to compensate
for the response of amplifiers in a PYE UHF 77 transmitter
drive. PCB 40 x 40 mm approx. Parent equipmet PYE UHF 77
Transmitter Drive. DD 1981.
EQ050557 EQ5/557
Chroma Equaliser. Similar to EQ5/542 but using sub-carrier
burst as level reference: for Television O. B. 's, where
ITS signal is not available. Code pins 1, 13 and 17.
Power requirements +12 V, -12 V, +5 V. CH1/64A. Parent
equipment SE1P/503. DD 1980.
EQ050558 EQ5/558A-Z Sampling Equaliser. These equalisers correct the
amplitude/frequency response distortion caused by sampling
a t various frequencies (( sin x) /x correction). They are
designed to fit into the Video DACs C09/506 and C09/504.
A 12 MHz
B 2 fsc
C 3 fsc
D 4 fsc
E 14.7 MHz
Y 7.00 MHz
Z 14.00 MHz
Printed board 50 mm x 55 mm. DD 1981.
EQ050559 EQ5/559
Video HF Trimming Equaliser. Video Equaliser allowing fine
trimming of Gain, Chrominance/Luminance amplitude and
delay, and 2T Pulse amplitude and symmetry. Contains
Distribution Amplifier providing 6 outputs. Power
requirements 240 VAC. CH1/64B. DD 1981. DDMI 6.388(81).
EDI 10452(1)JAN82.
EQ050560 EQ5/560
Automatic Video Equaliser.
The unit provides automatic
correction of luminance and chrominance levels on a
composite video signal, using the ITS signals on lines 19
and 20 as reference Termination Panel: PA20/532. Power
requirements 240 V ac. CH1/64B. DD 1981.
EQ050561 EQ5/561 G&H Tie Line Equaliser. Cable Equaliser, provides equalisation
as follows:
EQ5/561G - 75 Metres of PSF1/2M
EQ5/561H - 150 Metres of PSF1/2M
Printed circuit board 76 mm x 51 mm. DD 1982.
EQ5/561A, C-F Video Cable Equaliser. Cable Equaliser to equalise video
cables as follows:
EQ5/561A - 25 Metres of PSF1/3M
EQ5/561C 30 Metres of PSF1/7M
EQ5/561D 65 Metres of PSF1/7M
EQ5/561E 60 Metres of PSF1/3M
EQ5/561F 90 Metres of PSF1/3M
Electrically identical to EQ5/550A,C-F but mechanical
mounting different. DD 1982.