ME010009 MEl/9
ME010010 ME1/10
ME010011 ME1/11
ME010518 ME1/518P
ME010519 ME1/519
ME010520 ME1P/520
ME010521 ME1/521
ME010522 ME1/522
D.C. Test Unit. D.C. Test equipment for applying standard
schedule of tests (as RLT/I) to Post Office circuits.
Comprehensive telephone facilities and terminations for 6
circuits are incorporated. Unit forms part of O.B. Test
Set ME2P/3. Power requirements +6V/-6V regulated supplies
and +12V-18V unregulated. 508mm x 130mm x 95mm. Parent
equipment ME2P/3. DD 1979. DDMI 9.263(84). DDHB 9.169.
DDHB 9.179(84) Part 3.
D.C. Test Unit. Version of ME1/9 equipped only with D.C.
test facilities. This panel is profiled for bay-mounting,
with rear cover containing mains unit card and PS2/266
regulator card. Power requirements 240 V mains. Panel,
PS2/266, P.C.B. DD 1984.
Signal Strength Meter. Uses a moving coil d.c. to measure
signal strength. A local/remote on/off switch controls the
A12V d.c. supplies to the UN21/52 Relay Unit. 4U
unsupported PCB with PN1/29A front panel assembly. Parent
equipment RC1M/28. DD 1982.
Time Domain Pulse Reflectometer. Locates faults in S.W.
sender feeders using a calibrated comparison pulse. Used
with HV Pulse Generator GE2/16. Power requirements 115 or
240 Vac. PCB: 222 x 147 x 56. DD(9) 1986.
ME1/518 in portable carrying case. CS2/23B. DD 1977.
SHF Test Set. The SHF test set provides the following:
(a) A 70MHz IF or demodulated Video output from
a SHF input.
(b) A 70MHz IF or SHF (7.4 to 7.9GHz) output from
a Video input.
(c) A swept SHF signal.
Power requirements 240V AC mains. DD 1980.
Level Measuring Meter. BMM version of ME1/515P (Imperial).
Measures Luminance square waveform signal and subcarrier
using a thermo-couple. Power requirements mains 20w.
CH1/64C in case CS2/25C. Supersedes ME1/515P. DD 1981.
DDMI 9.320(84). EDI 10512(1)MAY 85.
Cable Length Meter. Measures coaxial cable length and
fault distance up to 999.9 ft by pulse reflection.
Measures termination resistance up to 999.9 Q. Generates
special test waveform for identifying cable ends. Power
requirements dry battery, 6 x HP2 (or similar). Plastic
case 216 x 235 x 94. DD 1983. EDI 10513. DDMI 9.328(85).
DDHB 9.206(85).
Sync. Timing Meter. Measures difference between a black
and burst signal and a reference black and burst signal.
Displays 1. No. of lines error
2. Timing error between PAL Squarewaves - ~s
3. Phase error - degrees.
Power requirements 240 Vac. CH1/64C. Supersedes ME1/518.
Termination Panel PA20/535. DD 1985. DDHB 1.204(86). EDI
10539 (1) APR 86.