ME010S23 ME1/S23
ME020003 ME2P/3
ME020004 ME2/4
ME02000S ME2/S
ME020006 ME2/6
Timecode Phase Meter. Compares the phase of EBU timecode
with station pulses and displays the result on an analogue
meter. The centre zero meter is calibrated in 2 ranges:-
!1 picture, and !10 lines with the EBU window (!1~ lines)
marked within this range. The station reference is
composite video with colour burst (e.g. black & burst).
Power requirements: 240 V ac, <S VA. Self contained box
137 W x 9S H x 200 D. DD(7) 1986. EDI 10S43 (P).
OB Test Set. Portable test set for audio circuits
(primarily outside broadcast), providing facilities for
full d.c. and a.c. measurements and telephone
communication. Incorporates audio Sweep generator for
equaliser alignment. Power requirements 240V mains or 12 x
HP2 batteries. Plastic suitcase, 20" x 14" x 7 1/2"
excluding fittings. Sub-units ME1/9, PS2/266A, ME2/4. DD
1982. DDHB 9.169(82).
OB Test Set. Similar to ME2P/3 but fitted with PS2/266B,
incorporating audio sweep generator, and ME2/SA giving
enhanced audio measurement facilities. Power requirements
240V mains or 12 x HP2 Batteries. Plastic Suitcase, 20" x
14" x n" excluding fittings. Supersedes ME2P/3. Sub-
units ME1/9, PS2/266B, ME2/SA. DD 1982. DDMI 9.282(82).
DDHB 9.179(84).
Audio Test Set. Audio Frequency Test Equipment comprising
tone-source covering frequency range 30Hz-2SkHz and
level/TPM/noise measurement with input sensitivity -60dB to
+20dB. The power consumption has been minimised for use on
of OB Test
Set ME2P/3.
requirements +6V/-6V regulated supplies. S08mm x 1 27mm x
9Smm. Parent equipment ME2P/3. DD 1979. DDMI 9.264(83).
Audio Test Set. This is a bay-mounted version of the
ME2/4, the front panel having rectangular outline and
appropriate fixing holes.. An overall screening cover
contains a regulator card, and mains power supplier. Power
requirements 240v mains. 19" x S.2S" x 6". DD 1981. DDHB
Audio Test Set. Audio frequency test equipment having
facilities very similar to ME2/4 but intended for bay-
requirements 240V mains. Chassis 483mm x l33mm x 203mm.
DD 1980. DDHB 9.174(83). EDI 1046S(1)JUL 83.
Audio Test Set. Facilities identical to ME2/S but panel
outline and fixings revised to match suitcase of ME2P /3A.
Rear cover and Board 8 removed so that operation in con-
junction with PS2/266B is essential. Power requirements
!6V Regulated supplies. Chassis 19" x S~" x 3l". Parent
equipment ME2P/3A. DD 1982. DDMI 9.282(83), DDHB
Audio Test Set. ME2/S mounted in leather carrying case
which also houses battery compartment. Power requirements
240V mains or 12 HP2 internal batteries. Overall
dimensions of case 8" x 14" x 21". Sub-unit ME2/S. DD
1981. DDMI 9.28S(83).
Audio Intermodulation Meter. Measures intermodulation
products and harmonic distortion of HF, AM transmitters