ME020007 ME2/7
ME020008 ME2/8
ME020009 ME2P/9
ME030S01 ME3M/S01
ME030S02 ME3SM/S02
ME030S02 ME3SP/S02
when used in conjunction with GE4/8 in ME1SM/8. Power
requirements +lSV and -lSV. CH1/6SD. Parent equipment
ME1SM/8. DD 1980.
Audio Phase Meter. This unit measures the phase difference
between the two legs of a stereo pair for a tone within the
range 30 Hz - 2S KHz. The measurement in degrees is given
on a 3~ digit LCD, !180.0, to within O.S of a degree. Two
comprising a ring of 18 LED's gives twenty readings a
second with a resolution of twenty degrees enabling changes
of phase to be followed. It is also possible to measure
the frequency of the A leg input to wi thin 1 Hz over the
range 0 - 19.999 KHz. Indications of the input levels are
given by LED bar displays with a resolution of 3 dB over
the range -18dB to +9 dB. Power requirements 240 V a.c.
mains. CH1/6SD. DD 1982. EDI 1047S(1)NOV 83.
Automatic Audio Measuring Equipment. This unit
automatically makes a series of measurements of Level,
Frequency Response, THD and Noise, the required test signal
being obtained from the Auto Test Generator, GE4/6C. The
measurements are stared in data format and are recovered
using a Data Logger, RDSP/4. Power requirements 240 V
mains. 1U x 19" chassis, depth 10" plus connectors. DD
Sound Level Indicator. This unit, when provided with a
Beyer M201 N(C) microphone, indicates sound pressure level.
It has two LED's which light up at SPLs of 100 and 10S dBA
to give a warning of when a safe maximum sound level has
been exceeded. A remote bright-light indicator (UN12/26)
can be coupled up for fixing installations where desk-top
indication is required. Power requirements 24 V dc at
SO mA or 3 off PP3 9 V batteries. PCB: 108 x 78 mm.
RD 1986.
Television Line Jitter Measuring Equipment. This unit
measures the line timing jitter present on 62S line PAL or
SECAM colour television signals, which may be carrying
sound in syncs. Power requirements a.c. mains. PN3/SS.
Sub-units ME6/S03, UN16/S39 and PS2/26S. DD 1979. DDMI
9.247(79). DDHB 9.lS6(79).
Television Waveform Analyser. This instrument is a self
contained measurement set, designed to measure video
waveform parameters. It will measure either the I.T.S. or
line repetitive test waveforms. Power requirements 240V
UN1/71S and MElL/S08. DD 1979. DDHB 9.204(84). DDHB
V.1017(86) Part 11.
Television Waveform Analyser. This instrument is the
portable version of the ME3M/S02 TV Waveform Analyser. It
is designed to measure video waveform parameters either
using the ITS or a line repetitive test signal. It is
housed in a CS2/27H. Power requirements 240V a.c. mains.
PN3/S4. Supersedes EP1M/S23, TE1/S13, UN1/71S. Sub-units
AM18/S27, UN23/676, UN16/S40, GE1/S96, C08/S07, C08/S08,