ME030S03 ME3P/S03
ME030S04 ME3/S04
ME040001 ME4/1
ME040002 ME4SP/2
ME040003 ME4/3
ME060002 ME6/2
ME060003 ME6M/3
DM2/S12, DM4/S01, ME8/S01, ME8/S02, UN26/39, UN27/14. DD
Return Loss Measuring Equipment. This equipment will
measure and display the return loss of a 7SQ impedance
junction. It is portable, self-powered and requires no
external signal connection. Power requirements Internal
battery. Approx. 300 x 200 x 100 deep. DD 1980.
Sync Monitor Measuring Equipment.
measurements of:
1. Video absent/present.
2. Colour/mono signal.
3. Field timing.
4. Line timing.
On-card indicators are activated in
Power requirements f6V, approx 200mA.
Parent equipment EPSL/S16. DD 1981.
Makes sequential
single-step mode.
4U Unsupported pcb.
Redcode Reader. The Redcode Reader is used to check, for
errors, the contents of Read Only Memories. By organising
the contents of the ROM into a serial bit stream and
dividing this by a known pseudorandum binary sequence an
almost unique remainder exists, this remainder is called
the Redcode and displayed as a four digit hexadecimal
number which is used for identification and test purposes.
Each ROM type will have its own plug-in card containing the
necessary socket and interface circuit. Power requirements
240 V a.c. mains. Main chassis 2S0 mm x ISO mm x 7S mm.
DD 1980.
DDHB 9.116(81).
8 Mbi t Decoding Margin Meter. An instrument to measure
the "Decoding Margin" of the 8 Mbit PCM distribution
network. Includes an 8 Mbit data generator for testing
the CD4/12. Power requirements 240 Vac. Proprietory case
size not yet known. DD(9) 1985.
Eye-Height Meter. This is an optional unit designed for
use with the Digital Stereo Sound with Terrestrial
Television Demodulator. The unit automatically measures
the percentage eye-height of the demodulated digital
signal, with a read-out on a liquid-crystal display. The
unit is swi tchable between I & Q phase-axes of the QPSK
signal. The unit recovers its own clock, and gives a
warning if this fails. The read-out gives the eye height
exceeded by 99% of the bits. The unit uses sample-and-hold
circuits with appropriate switching and time constants,
followed by a DVM module. Power requirements +12V (340 mA)
-12V (120 mA). CHl/64B. Parent equipment DM4M/8. Chassis
extender CHIA/43. RD 1987.
Measures MF transmitter carrier frequency digitally and
includes a phase display which allows precise setting of
the carrier frequency. Requires a 200kHz reference source.
+12V, +SV, -12V. CHl/6SD (Horizontal G06 connector). Part
of the ME6M/3. DD 1977. DDHB 9.1S3(79).
Carrier Frequency Meter. Measures the carrier frequency of
MF and LF transmitters and includes a phase display which