ME150009 ME15P/9
ME150502 ME15M/502
ME150503 ME15/503
ME150504 ME15/504
ME160003 ME16/3
MN010011 MN1/11
MN010015 MN1/15
Measures total intermodulation products and harmonic
distortion on AM Transmitters. Comprises a dual and single
tone generator with fixed frequencies between 80Hz and
5kHzt and a measuring unit with an analogue meter readout.
240V AC.
PN3/ 55.
Sub-units GE4/8 t
ME2/6. DD 1980. DDHB 9.178(81)
AM Transmitter Intermodulation Measuring Equipment. As
ME15M/8 but is portable and housed in carrying case CS2/26.
Power requirements 240V AC. DD 1980. DDHB 9.178(81).
Transmitter Monitoring Meter. The ME15P/9 is a portable
test meter with internal battery and 3~-bit liquid crystal
DVM indication.
Connection to the equipment to be moni-
tored is via a flying lead with 25-way 'D' connector
(Plug). Power requirements Internal Battery 9V PP3. Die-
cast boxt size 100mm::l approx. Parent equipment AM14/51.
DD 1982. DDMI 5.420(82).
Teletext Decoding Margin Meter. This uni t measures and
displays the teletext decoding margin of teletext signals
present on a video waveform. Power requirements 240 V a.c.
mains. PN3/55. Sub-units PS2/l94t UN16/536t UN26/539 and
UN26/540. DD 1978. DDMI 9.242(79). EDI 10320.
Teletext Test Meter. This unit is similar to the
ME15M/502t but it has low hum field radiation for special
applications. Like the ME15M/502 the unit measures and
displays the teletext signals present on a video waveform.
Power requirements 240 V a.c. mains. PN3/55. Sub-units
PS2/194At UN16/536t UN26/539 and UN26/540. DD 1978.
TV Modulation Depth Measuring Equipment. To measure
modulation depth of the detected output from
transmitters. Power requirements +12V and -12V
150mA each. CH1/12A. Parent equipment MN2M/513.
UHF Signal Measuring Equipment. Test equipment for UHF
transmitters and transposers. Comprises demodulator t UHF
spectrum analysert VHF spectrum analyser andt in
combination with GE4/576t a sideband analyser and UHF/VHF
tracking generator. Power requirements 240 Vac. Special
Box 19" x 4 U. Supersedes EP14M/507. DD 1985.
Standard Level Metert for the measurement of standard audio
levelt (lmW into 600Q) to an accuracy of 0.0 2dB.
Incorporates overload protection and auxiliary indication
over the range :t6dB for setting up purposes. Housed in
plastic instrument case 197mm x 197mm x 192mmt with
integral mains power supplier. Replaces SLP/3 and ME1/7.
10245(P)JUN75t 10330(1)DEC77.
Programme Failure Monitort superseding MN1/1A. Mains
operatedt or can accept external d.c. supply. CH1/12A. DD
1975. DDMI 2.418. EDI 10232(P)OCT74. ACO.
Programme Failure Monitor electrically
MN1/ll but for BMM chassis. CH1/64A.
identical to the
DD 1977. DDMI