MN010016 MN1/16
MN010017 MN1/17
MN010018 MNl/18
MN010020 MN1/20
MN010021 MNl/21
MN010022 MN1/22
MN010023 MN1/23
Monitoring detector for 19kHz and 23kHz tones used in
automatic monitoring. Balanced and unbalanced inputs.
supersedes AM3/3, AM3/3A, AM3/3B, AM3/4, AM3/4A, AM3/ 4B.
DD 1977. DDHB 2.458(81).
Audio Select Monitor. Printed circuit board with 12
attenuators switched from high to low loss by optocoupled
FETs to allow selection of one of 12 audio inputs to one
output for monitoring purposes. Connector Hytip drawing SP
25646. Power requirements l5mA at 5V d.c. Size to fit 3U
BMM panel. SCPD 1978.
VHF RF Monitoring Unit comprising a Detector Box and a
Meter Box connected by a removable multicore cable. The
detector box is designed for use with two FL1/48A and
FL1/48B probes to monitor the A and B halves of a Band 11
power amplifier (200-l000W RF output). The meter box
provides indications of the phase of the output amplifiers.
Both boxes are standard commercial diecast types. TCPD
Band 11 Power Monitor. Unit measures RF power with
max.sens. of +13dBm (20W) and maximum input of 30dBm (lW).
It has two inputs with different conversion characteristics
for measuring forward and reverse power using portable
meter ME15P/7. The forward scale is conventional but the
reverse power scale is compressed to allow better than 25dB
return loss to be measured. Unit accepts two power
supplies via varelco plug and uses higher only; other is
reverse. It provides a monitor output of approximately
-7dBm (lOOmV) and visual indication using LEDs or forward
power with duplicated opto isolated outputs at the rear.
It is housed in an Eddystone box and is designed to mount
on rear of a front panel. Power requirements 2 x (34-40V)
supplies at less than 60mA. Mounted in Eddystone box 95mm
x l2lmm x 5lmm (Eddystone 6908P). Parent equipment
PA1/110A-D. DD 1979. DDMI 5.380(80).
Fault Indicator. Similar to IN5/6 but modified for use in
Coder Monitor.
Parent equipment
BA1/4. DD 1979.
Programme Polarity Comparator. To compare the polarity of
two sound programme signals which have originated from a
common source but have been transmitted over separate paths
up-stream of the point of comparison, and to output the
result of the comparison in binary form, e.g. "in-phase/out
of-phase". Power requirements 100mA at +24V. BMM 2U B-
width. DD 1980. DDTM 6.178(80). DDMI 6.386(81).
DC Voltage Monitor. To detect the inputs of 14 DC lines
between 5 and 50 volts +ve or -ve, and to sound an audible
alarm if anyone or more of these falls below a level, of
which the threshold may be set by internal AOT and variable
components. The audible alarm may be silenced by a front
push button for approx. 5 mins. (set by AOT resistor). A
visual display of LED's on the front is included. Power
requirements Mains (240v). CH1/65B. SCPD 1981.