MN010032 MN1/32
MN010033 MN1/33
MN010517 MN1/517
MN010518 MN1/518
MN010519 MN1/519A-C
MN010520 MN1/520A-C
MN010521 MN1/521
MN010522 MN1/522
MN010523 MN1/523
Phase Error Monitor. Digital phase error monitor unit, to
be used with EP5L/515 Colour Phase Comparator. This unit
will fill the remaining space in a PN3/54 frame fitted with
EP5L/ 515, Burst Phase Comparison Equipment. Power
requirements 240Vac. BBC chassis code CH1/64A. Chassis
extender CH1A/43. D & ED (Support Lab) 1987.
Audio Alarm and Monitor. This unit works in conjunction
with an SE1/12 (in local mode); when an incorrect selection
of transmitters for loading diesel alternators is selected,
it raises the alarm by means of indication and audible
warning. Power requirements 2 off 50Vdc. CH1/64A. Parent
equipment EP1L/63. Chassis extender CH1A/43. TCPD 1987.
Monitoring unit that works in conjunction with UN17/529 so
that error signals can be seen on a meter - the facility
also exists to apply local error signal to UN17/529.
CH1/64A. SCPD 1977.
Natlock Tone Monitor. Natlock tone generation:- Line add
814Hz; Fast retard 892Hz; Retard 977Hz; Colour retard
1071Hz; Normal 1173Hz; Colour advance 1285Hz; Line advance
1407Hz; Fast advance 1524Hz; Line drop 1681Hz all sent at
600Q balanced. Natlock tone analyser:- Lamp indicates tone
received; meter measures level over 40 dB in range. Unit
also contains its own power supply, C. S.C. oscillator and
head phone
Transposer Monitor to monitor power level and presence of
intercarrier on the UHF transposer and amplifier at a
transmitting station. It provides indication to the
automatic fault report and start circuits ~o the UHF
amplifier. "A" version for use with transposer and
amplifier. "B" version for use with transposer only. "C"
version provides amplifier start circuits only. Power
requirements 240V a.c. mains, less than lOOVA. Diecast box
approximately 51mm x 203mm x l27mm. Parent equipment
MN1/520A-C. DD 1977. DDMI 5.363(78). DDHB 5.145(78).
Transposer Monitoring Panel. Comprises two MN1/519A,
MN1/519B or MN1/519C mounted on a 3U panel to provide power
monitoring for two services at one transmitting station.
"A" version comprises 2 x MN1/519A, "B" version comprises 2
x MN1/519B, and "C" version comprises 2 x MN1/519C. 3u
panel equipped with two diecast boxes. DD 1977. DDHB
Sync Pulse Monitor. A 4U BMM version of MN1/51l. Power
requirements 240V ac 50Hz. 4U A-width chassis. DD 1981.
DDMI 2.453(81).
Sync Pulse Monitor. A 2U BMM version of MNl/511. Power
requirements 240V ac 50Hz. 2U A-width chassis. DD 1981.
Link Baseband Monitor. Amplifies SHF link baseband signal
(video + 7.5MHz sub-carrier) and provides three sets of
voltage-free, changeover contacts when 19kHz tone is
correc t in both level and frequency. Sub-carrier auto