MN010524 MN1/524
MN010526 MN1S/526
MN030511 MN3/511
MN030512 MN3/512
MN030513 MN3/513
MN040004 MN4M/4
MN040005 MN4/5
MN040006 MN4/6
muting facility prevents spurious indication. Provides low
quality video output at standard level for use with sync
detectors and auxiliary audio output for monitoring. Power
requirements Mains operated or can accept external DC.
CH1/64A. TCPD 1981.
UHF Transmitter Shutdown Monitor. For use at UHF trans-
mitter sites for monitoring peak sync output power and
19kHz tone at a set threshold level. Input requirements is
+10dBm for a probe in the aerial feeder. Outputs are: Two
detected peak sync power relay contacts, two 19kHz tone
detector relay contacts, also a low grade demodulated video
and audio output. Power requirements +24V d.c. A size B}~.
10495(1)FEB 85.
Vision and Sound Carriers Monitor. Microprocessor-
controlled unit for RCS/503 UHF RBL receiver.
Main functions:
Controls muting of rx
Sets status of rx through push-button controls.
Displays rx status on 16-character LCD display and LED'S.
Power requirements f18 V, 10 mA; +10 V, 500 mA. Supersedes
MNIS/S2S. Parent equipment RCS/S03. DD 1985.
KV1820UB 457mm colour receiver modified to accept line
video and sound whilst retaining conventional receiver
facilities. DD 1977. DDHB 5.116(77). EDI 10303(1)JAN77.
330mm Colour Picture Monitor/Receiver. As for MN3/S09, but
receiver video and sound output provided. Power
requirements a.c. mains. DD 1978. DDMI5.362(78). DDHB
356mm Colour Picture
line video and sound
Supersedes MN3/509.
DD 1979.
KV1400 modified to include
Power requirements mains.
DDMIS.367(79). DDHB
PCM Coder Audio Monitor. This equipment provides aural
monitoring from the bitstream of two thirteen channel PCM
coders BA1/4. Power requirements +9V lOA, +28V 2A, -16V
lA. Two CDX crates, 3U & SU, bolted together. Sub-units
GE7/1, C09/1, FL4/S0, PS2/139, UN23/60, UN23/79, UN23/80,
UN23/81. DD 1977. DDHB 6.165(78).
Monitor and Indicator Unit. Provides tape reclamation
operator with information regarding tape sentivity and
splice suitability. Powered from UN23M/82. Metal box
394mm x l52mm x lS2mm. Parent equipment EP1/17. DD
1977. DDMI 7.441(80).
Automatic Polarity Corrector Unit. This unit will detect
the presence of an audio frequency unidirectional pulse and
ensure that it is positive going at the output of its
Parent equipment EPIM/23. DD 1978. DDMI 6.335(78).