MN040007 MN4/7
MN040008 MN4M/8
MN040009 MN4/9
MN040010 MN4/10
MN4/10 A&B
MN4/10 C&D
MN040011 MN4S/11
MN040012 MN4/12
MN040013 MN4/13
Loudspeaker Protector. Self-powered unit. Power amplifier
input and outputs are "Looped Through" the unit. Power
Amplifier input is attenuated when output is such as to
cause Loudspeaker damage. Contains level sensing Time-
Constants and Frequency-Dependent networks specific to
LS3/4B. External or internal LED illuminated when unit is
about to operate. No power requirements. No chassis,
printed circuit board approximately 100mm x 15 6mm. DD
Loudspeaker Monitor Control. To provide full monitoring
control facilities for a stereo programme monitoring desk.
(London Control Room.) Power requirements t12 V. PN3/58.
Sub-units UN26/53, UN26/56, SE2/27, AM7/22, UN26/51. DD
1982. EDI 10466(P)FEB83. DDMI 3.723(83). DDHB 3.290(83).
NICAM 3 Decoder Monitor. Monitoring card for CD3M/33.
Provides extended monitoring facilities and indicators for
NICAM 3 decoders. Power requirements +5V, +18V and -18V.
4U unsupported card. Parent equipment CD3M/33. DD 1984.
Comparator Monitor. Audio Stereo Comparator Monitor.
Audio Stereo Comparator Monitor. Compares two programme
inputs and sends a delayed alarm if the difference in
levels exceeds a preset amount. Power requirements 24 V
by MN4/10A&B.
Stereo Comparator Monitor. MN4/10A has two balanced high
impedance stereo audio inputs and gives delayed alarm if
the difference between the two waveform envelopes for
either channel exceeds a pre-set amount. Two units may be
linked as a cross-resetting pair. MN4/10B - As MN4/10A but
without cross-reset facility. Power requirements 24 V dc.
BBC Chassis: CH1/64A. Chassis extender CH1A/63.
Supersedes MN4/10. TCPD 1985.
Mono Comparator Monitor. MN4/10C - As MN4/10A but for mono
MN4/10D - As MN4/10B but for mono circuits.
Power Requirements 24 Vdc. BBC Chassis: CH1/64A. Chassis
extender CH1A/43. Equipment superseded MN4/10. TCPD 1985.
Audio Recording
HF roll-off of
delayed version
240 V, 15 VA.
Chassis extender
Monitor. This monitor detects dropout and
a recorded signal by comparison with a
of the input signal. Power requirements
CH1/65C. Termination Panel PA20/35.
CH1A/61 and CH1A/46. DD 1984.
Tone Monitor. The unit monitors an audio signal and when
it receives suitable instructions it displays and records
the instruction.
Power requirements 240 V ac mains at
20 VA. CH1/65D. TCPD 1984.
Programme Distortion Monitor. Modified MN1/15 Programme
Failure Monitor. For use at MF/HF transmitting stations,
in conjunction with AM6/18 Limiting Amplifier. Monitors
for audio distortion products on demodulated transmitter
output, outside of normal bandwidth. Power requirements
240 V, ac or 24 V dc, 60 mA. CH1/64A. Chassis extender
CH1A/43. TCPD 1985.