MN040014 MN4/14 & A
MN040015 MN4/15
MN040016 MN4/16
MN050504 MN5/504
MN050505 MN5/505
MN050506 MN5/506
MN060513 MN6M/513
MN070001 MN7/1
MN070002 MN7/2
MN070505 MN7M/505
Receiver Monitor. Bay mounting panel for car radio plus
Mains PSU, Stereo Loudspeaker Jack, Stereo Phones Jack,
600 Q L & R output plus internal monophonic loudspeaker.
'A' Version cut out for receiver 180 x 53.
Normal version cut out for receiver 107 x 43.
requirements 240 Vac. 2 U x 19". TCPD 1985.
Comparator Monitor. Audio comparator and programme failure
monitor. Has two balanced high impedance audio inputs and
provides separate alarm outputs for programme failure on
each channel and comparison failure. Operating parameters
can be pre-set and may allow for a limiter (eg AM6/18,
AM6/16, AM6/27) in one channel. Power requirements 18 to
24 Vdc, 200 mA. BBC Chassis CH1/64J. TCPD 1985.
Audio Monitor. Part of EP1MP/61 Radio Mic. Receiver
Equipment used with RC4P/10 Receivers. It enables audio
monitoring of each RC4P/10 Receiver to be carried out. The
audio output is on the front panel. Power requirements
+24 V d.c. CH1/86K. Parent equipment EP1MP/61. D & ED
(RF) 1986.
Teletext Monitor. This unit makes an assessment of the
quali ty and decodabili ty of a teletext signal. Power
requirements a.c. mains. PN3/55. DD 1979.
Colour Subcarrier Comparator. The card measures colour
subcarrier reference with burst separated from black level
and burst. The output provided is normal OV -3V and -6v
natlock levels. Power requirements +12V, -1 2V
approximately 100mA. DD 1979.
Video Monitor and Processor. Monitors demodulated video
and generates back porch and zero carrier pulses and AGC
control voltage. Power requirements f12 V. CH1/86.
Parent equipment DM1M/506. DD 1984.
YRGB Waveform Monitor, PAL. Displays at field rate the
YRGB components of a video signal. Has self-contained PAL
decoder. CRT diagonal approximately 210 mm. Replaces four
MN6/510 monitors and a separate PAL decoder. Power
requirements 240 V mains. 220 x 270 x 450 mm (approx.)
Sub-uni ts
CD3/547, GE1/603, OSl/525, SE3/514, UN16/546. DD 1984.
Frequency Monitor unit for use with FM Stereo
Transmissions. Detects and indicates 19kHz and 23/76kHz
pilot tones. Monitoring stereo decoder for head phone
requirements +18V and -5.2V d.c. Printed card 95mm x 80mm.
DD 1978. DDMI 5.377(80).
Synthesiser Interface Frequency Counter. Frequency counter
and HP1B interface for control of Hewlett-Packard Frequency
Synthesiser. Power requirements +5 V. 4U unsupported pcb
180 mm long. Parent equipment PA1/30. DD 1984.
Subcarrier Frequency Monitor, used to check the frequency
of the colour subcarrier of a 625 line video signal and