MN080008 MN8/8 & A
MN080009 MN8/9
MN080010 MN8S/10
MN080S01 MN8M/S01
MN080S02 MN8/S02
MN080S03 MN8/S03
MN080S04 MN8S/S04
RS232 1200 baud printer output. Additionally, the unit
provides a composite video output to display various groups
of messages under keypad control. Power requirements
mains. PN3/S4. Sub-units C04/6 (2 off), UN27S/24 (2 off),
UN26/31, GE8/S0S, PS2/184. DD 1984.
ADZE Unit Monitor. A-width Front Panel providing a
4-character alpha-numeric LED display, 4-hexadecima1
switches, 9 LEDs.
The 'A' Version, has only S LEDs. Power requirements +S V,
100 mA. 4 U Front panel A-width. DD 1985.
Digital Audio Bit/Level Monitor. The unit displays on a
bargraph the bit status of the D.D. digital audio bus*.
The unit may also be selected to display the equivalent of
audio level. The phase being monitored is selected by a
thumbwheel switch.
*See D.D. Tech. Mem. No.3.291(84). Power requirements
+S V. 4 U BMM unsupported card, A-width front panel.
Chassis extender CH4/S. DD(3) 1985.
6 bi t CRC Word
transmitted 6
p.c.b. Parent
DD(6) 1985.
Monitor. To check at a receiving site the
bit CRC word in the 8448 kbit/s PCM
Power requirements +S V. 2 U unsupported
equipment CD4M/8. Chassis extender CH4/9.
Digital Monitor. Automatically monitors system state and
faults in the field store standards converter C06/S10.
Output displayed on a picture monitor. Power requirements
regulated mains ..lA. PN3/S4A. Parent equipment C06/S10.
DD 1977.
Power Fail Monitor. A power supply monitor circuit
intended for use with a microprocessor system. The
incoming a. c.
is monitored
from this unit)
and a monitoring signal in the form of a high or low
digital signal together with the +SV and +12V supplies used
wi thin
generated; one indicating that the a.c. mains is present
and a second indicating that the +SV and +12V supplies are
stable. Power requirements lS0mA at +12V, SOOmA at +SV.
4U BMM unsupported board. Parent equipment PA1M/S80. RD
Error Detector Monitor. This board is used in the decoding
system for the disc drive data paths of the Electronic
Stills Store. It can correct any single bit error and
detect any bit error in a previously encoded block of 88
bits in a NRZ serial data stream by use if Hamming code.
It also allows the use of interleaved data blocks for burst
error protection. Output is the corrected NRZ serial data
stream and flags to indicate the presence of a double
unsupported board. Parent equipment PA1M/S80. RD 1981.
DPCM Monitor. This card has a self-contained Z80 micro-
processor system which is able to take "snapshot" samples
of digital video data at various points in the DPCM system.