MN080505 MN8/505
MN080506 MN8/506
MPOI0005 MPl/5
MPOI0007 MPl/7
MPOI0008 MPl/8
MPOI0009 MPl/9
MPOI00I0 MPl/10
The system performacne is then analysed, and any faults
reported via the front panel display and rear outputs.
Power requirements +5V, -5V. 4U unsupported card with A-
width front panel. Parent equipment CD2M/525, CD3M/541.
DD 1982.
The unit displays information about transmission errors in
a 68 Mbit/s signal. It decodes error status information
provided by unit CD3/545, and displays it in one of several
selectable formats. Data input and output are in the form
of 6-bit words, with 11.456MHz clock and a frame-marker
pulse. Additional outputs are provided for a chart
recorder. All input and output data are at TTL levels.
The unit forms part of 68 Mbit/s demultiplexing equipment
CD4M/505. Power requirements +5V at current to be advised.
4U solderwrap card with 'J' width front panel. Parent
equipment CD4M/505. RD 1982.
Digital Monitor. This unit displays the information about
the status of the equipment in which it is fitted, which
may be 68 Mbit/s Multiplexing or Demultiplexing Equipment,
CD4M/504 or CD4M/505 respectively. It indicates the
presence of the four Power Suppliers used in the host
equipment, and also checks for the presence and correct
relationship of two house-keeping signals, clock and a
frame marker pulse. The presence of frame-alignment words
in the multiplexed data stream is also checked.
Indications are given by LEDs with monitor points also
provided. Data input and output are in the form of 6-bit
words, with 11.456 MHz clock and frame-marker pulse all at
TTL levels. Power requirements +12V, +5 V, -5V, -12V.
Current to be advised. 4U unsupported board with PNl/29J
front panel. Parent equipment CD4M/504, CD4M/505. RD
Mounting for EQ5/540A-C tie line equaliser when used with
4U BMM distribution amplifier AM4/531. Can also
accommodate delay line assemblies on MPl/3. Fixed to
termination panel PA20/505, but can also be mounted on
suitable flat surface. DD 1976. DDMI 8.585(77). DDHB
Double Sided Printed Circuit Board with 80 way edge
connector to pads and 104 three hole connection pads over
remaining area. ISEP 3U high l78mm deep. SCPD 1977.
3U high ISEP card containing 6 x 14 pin IC sockets and tie
down resistors suitable for use with most 14 pin CMOS logic
devices. Pins wired out to 40 + 40 way edge connector.
SCPD 1977.
Transit lid. Provides protection for units
CS2/11A during transit. Four special studs
which replace the normal fixing screws for
equipment. DD 1977.
mounted in a
are included
the internal
Guide. Shortened version of PN3A/58 BMM PCB guide used in
CHl/77B, C and D chassis. DD 1978. DDMI 3.665(79).