MP010011 MP1/11
MP010012 MPl/12
MP010013 MP1/13
MP010014 MPl/14
MP010015 MP1/15
MP010017 MP1/17
MP010018 MPl/18
MP010019 MPl/19
MP010020 MP1/20
MP010021 MP1/21
MP010022 MP1/22 A-D
Component Mounting Unit. PCB with choice of component
mountings to supplement the UN21/42. SCPD 1978.
Component Mounting Box. Small
and fixings to take various
Eddystone box 111 mm x 60 mm
8.618(79). EDI 10360(1)OCT79.
box with 2 musa connectors
delay/equalisation boards.
Microprocessor Motherboard. Single sided printed circuit
for fitting to rear of 4U BMM panel, PN3/54. Up to 16 edge
connectors may be fitted with a common data and address bus
and common +12V, -12V and 5V power lines. DD 1978.
Printed Circuit Board to hold 5 rows
sockets. Maximum 40 x 16 pin sockets.
board 225mm x 144mm. DD 1978.
of wirewrap DIL
Printed circuit
Microphone and Earphone Assembly.
Earphone assembly for EP8/6 FM
equipment EP8/6. SCPD 1978.
D109 Microphone and
transciever. Parent
12EI Valve Replacement. Replacement for thermionic valve
type 12EI used in voltage stabiliser circuits. Transistor
circuit within a diecast box which is fitted with one octal
valve plug. DD 1979.
Pickup Arm Unit. The unit consists of a pickup arm
complete with, currently, a Shure SC35 cartridge. Although
this arm is identical to that used on the RP2/9 and RP2/10,
it is intended for use wi th any sui table turntable. A
raise/lower device intended for use with this arm is coded
MP1/19. DD 1979. EDI 10381(1)FEB80.
Raise/Lower Pickup Arm. This raise/lower mechanism is
intended for use with the pickup arm MP1/18. It consists
of a lever, suitably mounted, coupled by a link to a
'damped' piston, the upper end of which is arranged to lift
and lower the pickup arm. DD 1979.
Bay Mounting Box. Empty bay mounted box 1U high and 348mm
deep. DD 1980.
Tape Spool Adaptor to BBC
0413814. ED 1980.
drawing ESK 3035 A4.
Bay Side Cover. Solid side covers for FWl/15 A-D and
FW1/16 A-D. In the following widths:
-A 476mm
-B 387mm
-C 323mm
-D 171mm
Supersedes FW2A/3 A-D. Parent equipment FWl/15 A-D and
FWl/16 A-D. ED 1981.
Bay Side Cover. Solid side cover for FW1/15S and FW1/16S.
Parent equipment FW1/15S, FWl/16S. ED 1981.
Bay Side Cover. Solid side cover for FWl/15X and FW1/16X
width = 666mm. Parent equipment FW1/15X, FWl/16X. ED