MP010023 MPl/23
MP010024 MP1/24
MP010026 MPl/26
MP010027 MP1/27
MP010028 MP1/28
MP010029 MP1/29
MP010030 MP1/30
MP010031 MP1/31
MP010032 MP1/32
HP010033 MP1/33
MP010034 MP1/34
MP010035 MP1/35
Bay Door (plain). Solid metal doors (2 .5 widths)
complete with hinge pins and lock etc. For use on rear of
FW1/15 A-D framework. Supersedes FW2A/1. Parent equipment
FW1/15 A-D. ED 1981.
Equaliser Mounting. Mounting for EQ5/550A, C-F, similar to
MP1/5 but with less expensive metalwork and fixings. Fixed
to termination panel PA20/505, but can also be mounted on
suitable flat surface. DD 1981.
3-Pin Connector and Locking Ring. Comprises Reslo
connector c/w BBC smooth locking ring. At lower end tapped
5/8" x 26TPI" to fit onto Reslo flexible stem. ED 1981.
Flexible Stem to Stand Adaptor. Comprises
sleeve lower end drilled and tapped 5/8"
end has a male 3/8" WHIT thread. ED 1981.
a chrome plated
x 26TPI", upper
Flexible Stem to Microphone Adaptor. To enable XLR type
connector microphones to be mounted directly on top of
Comprises Neutrik 3-pin female
connector drilled out at cable entry end and threaded
5/8" x 26TPI". ED 1981.
Video DA Chassis. A kit of parts including a modified
PN3/54, a correctly drilled front cover and the appropriate
chassis guides to make up a frame suitable for up to 12
AM4/536 Video Distribution Amplifiers and a PS3/64 Power
Supply both with their appropriate termination panels. An
appropriately terminated d.c. power lead can be supplied to
order. Power requirements mains. PN3/54. DD 1982. DDMI
Loudspeaker Magnet. Loudspeaker magnet for use in LS2/14.
100mm Dia. 1.25 fO.05 Tesla. Parent equipment first used
on LS2/14. DD 1982.
Modular Absorber. Wooden box with hinged door to house
x 580
x 183.5.
Supersedes DK4/24. Parent equipment EP5/22. DD 1983.
Rotating Tape Guide. This mechanical assembly forms a
rotating tape guide to replace each of the fixed guides on
the tape tension arms of the RD4/12 tape deck of the Tape
Reclamation Equipment EP1/17. Parent equipment RD4/12 part
of EP1/17. DD 1983. DDMI 7.515(84).
Component Mounting. General purpose component mounting
board. BMM replacement for MP1/11. Drawing No.SP.31526.
PN1/27J. Supersedes MP1/11. SCPD 1984.
Microphone and Earphone Assembly. D109 microphone and
earphone assembly for use with EP8/6A Transceiver. Parent
equipment EP8/6A. ED 1984.
IV Support Panel. Bay mounted panel to five support to bay
mounted Vnit-C Computer, part of 'Electralog' equipment
RD3/501. DD 1984.