FL010045 FLl/45A, B&C Control Line Filter which may be used in three versions
with f.s.k. units MD3/14 and DM3/9 for data transmission
over speech circuits. The A and B versions are lowpass
filters, the C a bandpass filter. Power requirements :t5V
or :t12 V. CH1/64J. Parent equipment PA1M/103, PA1M/104.
DD 1978.
FL010046 FLl/46
Helical Resonator in copper canister 101 mm long x 82 mm
diameter. Tuneable 85-100 MHz. Parent equipment FL1/47,
FL6/28. TCPD 1978.
FL010047 FL1/47
Notch Filter Panel.
483 mm x 222 mm panel with eight
helical resonators connected in pairs or fours to reject
local transmissions from reception system in VHF/FM relay
stations. Sub-units FL1/46. TCPD 1978.
FLl/47A Notch Filter Panel. Unit is similar to FL1/47 but only
equipped with 4 off FL1/46 Helical Resonators. Metalwork
of FLl/47A to be identical with FL1/47. Sub-unit FL1/46.
ED 1981.
FL010048 FL1/~8A-C VHF Directional Filter. VHF Directional Probe with
directivity of about 30 dB and nominal coupling values of
35 dB (A version), 31 dB (B version), and 20 dB
(C version). Designed primarily for use wi th the VHF RF
Moni toring Unit MN1/18, between 88-108 MHz. Impedances
SO Q, filtered with N male and female connectors on the
through line and BNC females on the coupled parts. The
probe is constructed from Suhner "Sucobox". TCPD 1979.
FL010049 FL1/49
Band II 3dB Coupler. 3dB Directional Coupler comprises a
'Wireline' coupler mounted in a diecast box with TNC
connectors. Diecast Box 93.7 x 119.1 x S2.4. ED 1981.
FL0100S0 FL1/50A-B 3 dB Coupler Band II. Designed to couple the outputs of
high-power transmitters in Band II, with negligible
insertion loss. FL1/S0A, maximum combined output rating
1 kW (limited by type N female connectors). FL1/50B,
maximum output rating 2 kW (HN output converter). Parent
equipment FL5/8. DD 1979.
FL1/S0C 3dB Coupler Band II. Designed to couple the outputs of
high-power Transmitters in Band 11, with minimal insertion
loss. DD 1983.
FL0100S1 FL1/S1
Impulsive Interference Suppressor.
Intended for use in
radio link receivers to suppress impulsive interference
(e.g. iginition interference). The unit has unity gain and
will arrest signals of approximately 120 mW p-p maximum.
Power requirements lS-30V at SOmA. Printed board 90x65mm
approximately. No specific parent. DD 1979.
FL0100S2 FL1/52
Helical Resonator used in Band II combining with FL5/8.
Manufactured in copper cannister 190 mm long x 85 mm
diameter. Parent equipment FLS/8. TCPD 1979.
FL0100S3 FL1/S3
Splitting/Combining Filter Band 11. This unit consists of
two similar 2 way Wilkinson sections for use as a
splitter/combiner from 88-108 MHz. The inputs/outputs are
co-phased, and maximum combined input or output is 250 W
(SOO W if one section only is powered). Connections are N