MP010035 MPl/35A,B & C lU Support Panel. Bay mounted panel to give support to bay
mounted Unit-C Computer, part of 'Electralog' equipment
MP1/35A For Bay with 'A' depth (610 mm approx.)
(521 mm approx.)
(458 mm approx.)
Can be used with FW1/5, FW2/3 and FW2/4 type bays. For
method of mounting see installation drawing DSK24711A1. DD
MP010036 MPl/36
Component Mounting Board. Unit is a single-sided PCB and
accommodates tracking for LM317T and LM337T regulators, DIL
mounted components and mounting pads for other components.
Front of board has pads for Mentor LEDs, push buttons and
C & K toggle switches. 58 pins of 96-way connector brought
out to pads with standard power input used on PCBs for MKII
Communications System. Power requirements t15 V. 100 mm x
220 mm euro card with earthed front panel and 96 way type C
connector. SCPD 1984.
MP010037 MP1/37
Pattress Box. This is a standard pattress box used in
sound studios and cubicles for audio video and mains
distribution. It comprises cabinet (SP31042.6.1A1), hinge
and lacing bar (SP31042.6.2A2), and is required separately
from pattress panels during first fix. Parent equipment
EP1/43, EP1/44. SCPD 1984.
MP010038 MP1/38
fitted to
not used
Mounting Board. To enable a 32-pole plug to be
a CH1/82 series chassis where a printed board is
and to facilitate wiring of chassis-mounted
DD 1985.
MP010039 MP1/39 A & B Insertion Tool. A tool to assist inserting unsupported
printed boards into edge connectors.
'A' version for 4 U printed boards.
'B' version for 5 U printed.
D & ED 1986.
MP010040 MP1/40
General Purpose Indexing Mounting. A mechanical coding
system to prevent 3 U and 6 U Euro - Card System units
being plugged into the wrong position in equipment racks.
D & ED 1986.
MP010041 MP1/41
CH1/86 Series Assembly Jig. Jig to assemble rear connector
of unit to align with rear panel. D & ED 1986.
MP010042 MP1/42
Ventilation Baffle. In the event of the AM14M/53 not being
fully equipped, the Ventilation Baffle can be placed in
vacant positions to stop loss in efficiency of the cooling
system. Therefore, it allows the remaining AM14/45
amplifiers to be cooled effectively. Parent equipment
AM14M/53. TCPD 1987.
MP020001 MP2/l
CONNECTOR CARD To interconnect the rear connector on a Neve
chassis to an AM6/l7 limiting amplifier via hard wiring.
PCB 97mm x 30mm. DD 1977. DDMI 3.653(78).
MP020002 MP2/2
Heavy Duty Plug Mounting Board. First used on PS4/1 and
PS4/2 to support 11 pin heavy duty connector (250 92-011.