MX030006 MX3S/6
MX050501 MX5/501
MX050502 MX5/502
MX050503 MX5/S03
MX050504 MX5M/504
MXOS0505 MX5L/505
MXOS0506 }~5/S06
MX050S07 MX5M/507
requirements +12V, 0, -12V. 4U
Parent equipment EP10/18. DD 1980.
BMM unsupported
DDMI 3.691 ( 81 ) .
Digital Mixer. Digial Audio Mixer based on the UN26S/86
Processor. Accepts six audio input channels, and performs
fading, pan offset and switching operations. Provides main
and monitoring outputs in the EP11SM/13 Digital Audio
signal Processor. Power requirements: +5 V, 1.6 A,
typically 2.4 A max. 4 U unsupported pcb with PN1/29J
Front Panel. Chassis extender: CH4/5. Parent equipment:
EP11SM/13. Sub-units: UN26S/86. D & ED(A) 1986.
Mixing Amplifier. This unit will mix together up to 32
external video signals to form the complete interfield
requirements +12V,
-12V +5V.
Parent equipment AM1L/609. DD 1978. DDMI 9.245(79).
Mixing Amplifier. This unit forms the Insertion Test
Signal Generator, mixing together ITS externally generated
component parts. Power requirements +12V, -12V, +5V.
CH1/64A. Parent equipment GE4L/566. DD 1979. DDMI
Caption Adder. This unit takes a luminance feed from the
Test Card F Generator and has three combining circuits, to
produce three feeds each with the appropriate caption
inserted. 4U unsupported card. Parent equipment GE8M/508.
DD 1982.
Triple 2-channel Video Mixer. Each of the three Mixers
consists of a 2-channel Linear Split Screen Switch
(SE3/511), it's associated key Modifier (UN26/586) and
Fader Interface (UN3/577). Control connections are through
IDC connectors for either manual or automatic control. The
three mixers can be separately timed. Power is provided
from tow 12 V, 2.5 A SMPs. Power requirements mains.
PN3/S4. Sub-units 2 x PS4/9, 3 x SE3/511, 3 x UN26/586,
3 x UN3/577, 3 x UN12/24. DD 1983. EDI 10485(1)MAY 84.
2 Channel Video Mixer. A two channel video mixer based on
the linear video switch SE3/511. The system also contains
the key modifier (UN26/S86), the fader interface (UN3/577),
an interface (UN23/164) and a power supplier. A C-width
termination panel is included. Power requirements 240 V
ac, 20 VA. 4u C-width. Sub-units SE3/511, UN26/586,
UN3/164, PS2/187G. DD 1984.
Non Additive }fixer. Used as part of EP5M/518 to non-
additively mix two caption video sources prior to black
edging. First used in TKA-B Roll Programmable Mixer. Also
contains key buffer amplifier. Power requirements +12V
-S.25V. CH1/64J. DD 1983.
B.A.T Mixer. Receives clock video and key signals from
B .A.T Generator (GE6M/561), and inserts clock into
transmission video signal. Also contains time-code reader,
which provides B.A.T Generator with accurate time