MX050508 MX5/508
NE010015 NE1/15
NE010525 NE1/525
NE010526 NE1/526
NE010527 NE1/527
NE040003 NE4/3
NE040519 NE4/519
NE040520 NE4/520
NE040523 NE4/523
NE040524 NE4/524
information. Power requirements 240 V ac 50 Hz.
width frame, PN3/54. Sub-units PS4/18A, 2 x
UN3/577, UN26/595, CD3/39. DD 1983.
4U full
SE3/511 ,
Mix/Effects Unit. Digital equivalent of a Mix/effects
Amplifier. Mixes 2 video signals and a border in the
correct proportions according to two key signals. It
includes a 3 video input selector and output limiting to a
6 dB headroom. 6 U triple depth Eurocard. Termination
Panel PA20/44. Parent equipment EP5M/524. DD(8) 1985.
Loudspeaker Fading Network. Resistor network for combining
two communication loudspeaker feeds with provision for
varying the level of each feed independently by variable
resistors, and simultaneously by d. c. control of relays.
Mounted on 100mm x 80mm printed circuit board; solder tag
connections. SCPD 1976.
Miscellaneous Networks. Version of NE1/15 mounted on 84 mm
x 50 mm PCB; connections via 25-po1e ISEP fixed plug
(cemast 022 3473). Single sided P.c. board 84 x 50 mm.
SCPD 1984.
IllS sine squared pulse shaping network, used in OSl/521.
Printed circuit board, 71mm by 50mm, forming a plug in
module. DD 1975. DDMI 9.200.
As NE1/525 but for shaping 2llS pulse shaping.
DDMI 9.201.
DD 1975.
200ms sine squared shaping network used in UN26/516. Plug
in printed circuit board, 50mm x 25mm. DD 1974. DDM1
200ns Sine-Squared Shaping Network. Identical to NEl/527
but with longer mounting pins. Parent equipment GE6/540.
DD 1978.
Audio Delay Network to delay audio signal by 256lls.
of EP8/4. Printed circuit board mounted in FL4/50.
1975. DDM1 6.359(80).
Video Delay
43mm x 28mm.
of delay
DD 1975.
for use as basic element in
lines. Printed cirucuit board,
DDMI 9.188.
Video Delay Network, with delay time of IllS. Comprises two
equaliser sub-assemblies and 12 x NE4/519 on CH1/65A. DD
1975. DDMI 9.189. EDI 10242(P)APR75.
Video Delay and Equalising Network, preselectable in Sns
steps from 5ns to 655ns, in series with an equaliser having
chrominance/luminance amplitude correction, delay
correction and streak correction. CH1/65A. DD 1975. DDM1
9.214. EDI 10280(l)HAY76.
75Q Video Delay Network providing up to 600ns of delay in
5ns increments (Preset table by means of movable links).
Used in the NE4/523. DD 1975. DDM1 9.214.