OS010006 OSl/6
OS010524 OSl/524
OS010525 OSl/525
OS020041 OS2/41A
OS020045 OS2/45
OS020046 OS2/46A,B
OS020047 OS2/47
OS020048 OS2/48
OS020049 OS2/49
200kHz Flywheel Oscillator. Reduces phase disturbances on
the carrier output of monitoring receiver RC3/1 3. Has a
logic output for indicating the locked condition. Power
requirements !12V at 15mA d.c. Printed circuit board 165mm
x 56mm. Parent equipment ME6M/3A. DD 1978.
Burst Locked Oscillator and Sync. Separator. Derives from
composite video, with or without sound-in-syncs, the
following outputs: Continuous subcarrier at standard level
and low level for monitoring: mixed syncs, line trigger,
field trigger, pal square wave, detected burst, and lock
condition all at TTL/CMOS level. Power requirements +12V,
-12V stabilised.
Supersedes OSl/523.
Parent equipment MN7M/505. DD 1982. DDMI 9.294(83). DDHB
Burst Locked Oscillator and Sync. Separator. As OSl/524
but has built-in power supply regulators and indicators.
Power requirements +15V, +8V, -15V minimum unregulated.
CH1/65A. Parent equipment GE4M/569. DD 1982.
Burst Locked Oscillator. Operates on 625-PAL (system I).
requirements +12 V, +5 V, -5 V, -12 V. 2U unsupported
card. DD 1984.
Fixed Frequency Clock Drive Oscillator.
OS2/41 except for crystal frequency which is
102mm printed circuit board with 25 way ISEP
1977. DDMI 1.215(77).
Identical to
5MHz. 127mm x
connector. DD
Fixed Frequency Crystal Oscillator to control frequency of
studio communication transceiver EP8/6. Printed circuit
board approximately 25mm x 25mm. DD 1976. DDMI 5.338(77).
Fixed Frequency Oscillator. This unit is intended to
replace the Cathodeon oscillator modules contained in the
OS2/40 and UN23/19 in the 12 Channel PCM units. It
contains a high stability OTT oscillator module along with
some additional components. The single output is TTL
12.672MHz. 35mm x 50mm printed circuit board. DD 1976.
Fixed Frequency Ringing Oscillator. This oscillator
generates a signal suitable for ringing up to three
telephone bells simultaneously. It has been designed to
replace the 052/36. CHl/65A. DD 1976. DDMI 6.307(77).
Bias and Erase Oscillator. 500kHz oscillator with integral
bias and erase power amplifiers. Two cards mounted in
CH1/64A chassis. DD 1977. DDMI 7.434(80).
Fixed Frequency Oscillator. Plug in oscillator module for
C02/20 in RC4M/8 and RC4M/7.
Operates at 80MHz
approximately. 20mm cube approximately. DD 1977. DDMI
Dual Frequency switched crystal oscillator, comprises two
052/49 oscillators mounted on mother card, for use with
C02/20A in radio link receiver RC4M/8A. Power requirements