FL010054 FLl/54
FL010055 FL1S/55
FL010056 FL1S/56
FL010057 FLlS/57
FL010058 FLl/58
FL010527 FL1/527
FL010528 FLl/528
FL010529 FL1/529
FL010530 FL1/530
type sockets for the combiner. TNC type sockets for the
splitter. Parent equipment AM14/38. DD 1979. DDMI 5.392.
Audio Band Filter. High pass and low pass filters which
can be switched remotely. Power requirements ::!:15V. 3U
unsupported card. Parent equipment EQ3M/38. DD 1983.
Digital Audio Transversal Filter. Digital transversal
filter for high quality audio use. Accepts 16 bit inputs
and provides a 24 bit output. The frequency response is
stored in a PROM and may be changed by changing the PROM.
Up to 135 taps may be processed at 48 kHz sample rate (or
200 at 32 kHz) and cards may be cascaded to give a longer
filter. A wide range of response curves may be
implemented. Power requirements 5 V at 3 A max. Parent
equipment C01M/15. Chassis extender CH4/5. DD (3) 1985.
Superseded by FL1S/57. OBSOLESCENT.
Digital Audio Recursive Filter. Recursive digital filter
providing CCITT J17 or other first order pre-emphasis/de-
emphasis characteristic. Coefficients are set on switches
or links on I.C. headers. This card utilises the Designs
Department parallel bus with timing and control stored in a
ROM. Power requirements 5 V at 750 mA type 1.3 A max. 4 U
BMM unsupported card. Chassis extender CH4/5. DD 1985.
Digital Audio Filter. This programmable unit performs FIR
filtering, when plugged into the 'Digital Audio Multiphase
(DDTM 3.291(84)).
unsupported pcb with PN1/29J panel. Chassis extender
CH4/5. Parent equipment C01M/18, C01M/19. Supersedes
FL1S/55. D & ED (A) 1987.
N-Series Socket Protection. This unit, constructed in an
N-series dual-socket fixed adaptor (Cemast no. 020450X),
provides protection against lightning and electro-magnetic
pulses (EMP): it is capable of passing 5000 amps at 150-
200 volts. It has a VSWR of 1.06 at 150MHz, rising to 1.92
at 800MHz. TCPD 1987.
Notch Filter. The filter is intended to supplement
existing filtering in the EP14M/507 UHF Test equipment. It
is in the form of a diecast metal box with the filter
components mounted on a printed board which also serves as
a lid for the box. Input and output connections are via
5MB plugs. DD 1977.
Raised Cosine Filter (CEEFAX) to convert rectangular pulses
at the CEEFAX bit rate of 6.9375MHz into raised cosing
pulses. PCB. RD 1978.
Ceefax Filter to convert rectangular pulses at the Ceefax
bit rate of 6.9375MHz into a Ceefax waveform which provides
the maximum possible eye height within a 5MHz bandwidth.
PCB. RD 1978.
Luminance Comb Filter.
luminance in the chroma
energy is removed and
This card comb filters the
frequency band such that chroma
luminance high band energy is