05020050 052/50
05020051 052/51
05020052 052/52A
05020053 052/53
05020054 052/54
05020530 052/530
05020531 052/531
05020532 052/532A,B
05030011 053/11
+12V dc. Printed card 40 mm x 26 mm.
DD 1978.
Clock Drive Oscillator 25 Hz or 50 Hz squareware derived
from 1 MHz crystal oscillator. For use on the TM1M/1 Fault
reporting transmitter at sites where 50 Hz mains frequency
is not stable. Diecast box 38 mm x 32 mmx 95 mm. DD 1977.
for VHF
DD 1977.
Provides all strobing pulses and
Radio Control and Indication Panel.
Fixed Frequency Oscillator. Designed for line-up and test
frequencies. As 052/52 but frequency is set by selecting
one of 6 plug-in cards (to be specified with order) type
MP2/12 (A to F). Frequencies available are 90 Hz (A), 250,
440, 660, 900 and 1 kHz (F). 5upersedes 052/52. EDI
10413(1)AUG 81. DDMI 3.706(82). DD 1983.
Oscillator, 19/23 kHz. Crystal stabilised oscillator to
provide pilot tone for transmitter. Output frequency
19 kHz or 23 kHz, selected by connections to rear
connector. Output may be keyed on and off by an external
source. a.c. mains. CH1/64A. 5upersedes 052/31; 052/31A.
DD 1977. DDHB 2.450(80).
Monitoring Tone Generator. As 052/53, but customisable to
generate any of the following frequency pairs: 7.6, 7.8;
8.6,8.8; 9.6,9.8; 10.6,10.8 kHz. Power requirements
240 Vac. CH1!64A. DD 1985. DDMI 2.478(85). DDHB
Oscillator and Detector. Crystal controlled A.F. tones
source 4 kHz to 23 kHz, 200 Hz INCR:, each tone (two off)
may be muted externally. Two A.F. tone detectors (High Z.
input) are included with C/O relay output and Front Panel
indication. Power requirements 24 V at 100 mA. CH1/65A.
Parent equipment DM2/1 or DM2/3. TCPD 1983.
Fixed Frequency Oscillator. High stability oscillator
with power supply and dividers to give 5MHz and
outputs, and file frequency control from Natlock
signals. CH1/64B. DD 1976. DDMI 1.209(77).
1.136(77). EDI 10293(1)DEC76.
Line Locked Oscillator. Crystal oscillator locked to a
multiple of television line frequency when the pull in
range allows.
for use in Ceefax origination
equipment. Power requirements +5V, -5V, +12V. PN1/29J.
RD 1978.
Modulated Oscillator. This unit provides the chrominance
components of the Insertion Test signals. 'A' version is
for National IT5 purposes and 'B' version is for
International IT5 purposes. Power requirements +12V, -12V,
+5V, l2V a.c. Parent equipment GE4L/566. DD 1979. DDMI
9.246(79) .
Variable Frequency Oscillator. Provides internal source of
telephone ringing and V.F. signalling for UN10/42. 2U