OS030012 OS3/12
OS030013 OS3/13
OS030014 OS3/14
OS030509 OS3/509
OS030510 OS3/510
OS030511 OS3/511
OS030512 OS3/512
board suitable for fixing to CH1/65A.
DD 1977.
Switched Frequency Oscillator. First developed for Outside
Broadcast communications in television. The unit provides
twelve preset frequencies covering the audio base band.
30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 250Hz, 900Hz, 2kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz, 7kHz,
10kHz, 12kHz, 15kHz. The outputs which are balanced and
unbalanced are OdB, and -70dB. These levels can be raised
by +10dB on operating a front panel switch. Power
requirements !16V 35mA. 100mm x 220mm Eurocard. Mounted
on 0.6" width panelf or 3U high racking with 96 way Euro-
connector. Supersedes OS3/9. SCPD 1983.
Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Varactor-tuned L. C.
oscillator module, 2048 kHz !35 kHz. Forms part of
C08/10 A-D convertor. Power requirements !15 V 1 mA. PCB
approx. 80 mm x 25 mm. Parent equipment C08/10. DD 1984.
DDMI 6.420(84). DDHB 6.209(83) for C08/10.
Twin UHF Oscillator. This unit form part of the GE4/17 UHF
4-Tone Generator, and provides a pair of the four tones
required. Each oscillator is voltage controlled by a
frequency synthesiser which is part of the parent
equipment, and can provide any frequency in Bands IV and V.
The oscillator's output level is nominally +2 dBm and is
stabilised to the required level in the following levelling
amplifier. This level is determined by a control voltage,
provided by the parent equipment, and will normally be in
the range 0 dB !3 dBm. An indication is provided that the
UHF oscillator is working normally. Power requirements
+12 V, 300 mA; +24 V, 10 mA. About 14 cm x 11 cm. Parent
equipment GE4/17. DD 1984.
Dual UHF Frequency Synthesiser. Two frequency synthesisers
employing phase lock techniques to generate the frequency
needed to convert any UHF television channel and offset to
an intermediate frequency of 40.75MHz (! offset), and back
to any other UHF television channel and offset. The
frequencies and offsets are set by external shorting links.
Three printed circuits boards in an extruded aluminium
chassis. Power requirements +28V. 350mm x 120mm x 48mm.
Parent equipment TM4M/503. DD 1980.
Dual UHF Frequency Synthesiser. Same as OS3/509, but with
improved phase noise. Power requirements +28V. 350mm x
120mm x 48mm.
Parent equipment
TM4M/503. DD 1982. DDMI 5.406(82). DDHB 2.463(82)
Frequency Sunthesised Oscillator. Synthesised oscillator
908 to 1284MHz in 8MHz steps for use in EP14M/507. Power
requirements +12V,
Supersedes OS3/507.
Parent equipment EP14M/507. DD 1982. DDMI 5.430(84).
Variable Frequency Oscillator.
RC5/503. Tunes 512 - 888MHz
!18V, +5V d.c. 2 PCB 190 x
equipment RC5/503. DD 1984.
Synthesized oscillator for
steps. Power requirements
108, 108 x 60mm. Parent
U .H.F. Synthesised Oscillator. Provides Local Oscillator
frequencies of 512 MKz to 896 MHz in 8 MKz steps at a level
V +5
equipment DM1M/506. DD 1984.