PAOlOl06 PAl/l06
PAOlOl07 PAl/l07
PAOlOl08 PAlM/l08
PAOlOl09 PAl/l09
PAOlOlll PAl/Ill
DM3/9; PS2/184. DD 1981.
Modem Panel. As for PAlM/l04E but with different sub-
units. To be fitted at START POINT. Power requirements
230V. PN3/S4 plus PN3A/SS. Sub-units FLl/4S B.C; DM3/9
PS2/l84. DD 1981.
Fan Panel. A bay mounted panel. 2U high. with three
extract fans mounted at the rear. A deflector plate within
the unit ensure the fans draw air from equipment beneath
and a perforated front plate allows air to enter to
ventilate equipment above. The panel will extract 100
cu.ft/min (S9 cu.m/h) in a system with negligible air
resistance. generally sufficient to ventilate equipment
dissipating 2kW. Power requirements 240V a.c. tlO%.
PN3/SS. DD 1978.
Data Monitor Panel. This desk panel provides remote
selection of source and address for the MN8M/l. 13 channel
PCM data monitor. Power requirements -16V at 100mA. SV at
SOmA. DD 1978. DDHB 6.182(80).
CIP Alarm and Cancel Panel. Provides the necessary alarm
cancel facilities and output interface for a VHF CIP
(PA6M/70). Power requirements +SV (supplied by PA6M!70).
1 U full equipment bay-width chassis. Supersedes UN23/93.
Parent equipment EP1/24A. DD 1978.
Audio Limiter Panel. This frame is part of the BA1/4 PCM
coder bay and carries thirteen AM6/1S limiters. It uses a
printed wiring back plate with stereo ganging facilities.
Power requirements +28V and -16V.
PA1M/79. Parent equipment BA1/4. Sub-unit AM6/1S. DD
Transformer Panel. Modified 4U BMM frame to support 10 ASP
transformers plug 10 'J' size transformers. 4U BMM frame
(special). Parent equipment EP10/18. DD 1979. DDMI
Monitoring and Diplexing Panel. This unit combines the 'A'
and 'B ' halves - of Band 11 transmitters. and monitors the
resultant output power. Alarms are raised if the output
level falls below preset values.
Option 'A' 4 service panel with harmonic filters.
Option 'B' 3 service panel with harminic filters.
Option 'C' 4 service panel without harmonic filters.
Option 'D' 3 service panel without harmonic filter.
Power requirements 34-40V 300mA maximum. Parent equiment
AM14/39A.B and AM14/40A.B.
Sub-units MN1/20. FLS/9 and
FL2/20 (A and B only). DD 1979.
U Link Routing Panel. This U-link shows a mimic diagram of
P.C.M. signal distribution to Wrotham. Regions and Rowridge
with routing by real U-link inserted into diagram. State
is repeated on PA1/113 attached and system in use
information appears as lamps. Power requirements +28V and
4U x bay width panel and
PA1/98. DD 1979.